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"Rebecca, how dare you not call me about this news! I'm your mother for god's sake, I should've been the first to know!

But instead, I hear it on Chanel 49 news. Why didn't you tell me you were marrying the prince?" My mom demanded from the other side of the phone.

I winced at the sharpness of her familiar voice.

"Mom, it was a fast experience. Plus, knowing you, you would be bragging to everyone on our block within the first five minutes!"

She didn't bother denying the accusation as she barreled through her questions.

"When is the wedding?"

"Two months."

"Goodness, that's fast!"

"Well, Maddox needs to take the throne soon, so we need to be legally wed."

"Whose planning it?"

"The Queen and I."

She huffed, seeming disappointed.

"But I will come to you if I need any help," I reassured her.

She brightened after that.

"What are the colors?"

"Well, Maddox and I were thinking the Country's colors:
Ivory and gold."

"Sounds beautiful! And who were you thinking to be the brides maids?"

"Well, I was always fond of duchess Tiffany Blackwell. Plus, Maddox has a few cousins who seems nice enough."

"Wonderful love! When will invitations be sent out?"

"Two weeks."

"Well, Hun, you better get bustling!"

I sighed. She didn't have to tell me twice.

"I gotta go mom, I'm pretty busy."

"Of course, darling. I'll call you in a few days," she claimed, then hung up.

I couldn't help but feel drained as Maddox came in, giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"My mother will be here in thirty minutes," he warned, then strode to his office.

I straightened my back, checked my hair, then went into the sitting room. The sitting room was beautiful. Exquisite even. The ceiling was painted a rich green, while the walls were ivory with gold trimming.

A crystal chandelier hung above the sofa, and there was a beautiful oriental rug in the middle of the room. I fidgeted as I fixed tea for myself. I don't know why I'm so nervous!

The Queen is a wonderful person that I love to be around! It's just I'm concerned how she'll feel. The king, I know for a fact, tolerates me for his son, but the queen seemed to care about me.

Will she approve of my being her successor? Or will she have preferred Juliana as well? I looked forlornly towards the window. I hope I won't disappoint.

Then, her majesty walked through the doors. I felt nervous at first as I eyed her, awaiting her first move. She smiled brightly after a moment, striding up to me and hugging me close.

"I'm so glad you'll be my daughter!" She admitted.

I beamed unintentionally at her. Thank god!

"I'm so excited to help plan the wedding! I was thinking we'd host it in the castle's chapel, then move the after party to the same room we had Maddox's 21st birthday! A romantic gesture, since that is where the two of you met.

Oh and we'll have white lilies and baby's breath flower bouquets, and beautiful light gold table clothes! What do you think about for part favors?" The queen ranted on, excitement bursting head to toe.

I giggled, then went deep into planning with her.

In Orian.

"Daddy, it's just not fair! They're mocking us! That's the whole reason for this marriage! He's marrying the girl who he compared me to! He said treated me like a peasant.

They're such snobs! You should of heard the way that talked about us, daddy," Julianna shrieked, simpering near the end.

Her father growled, a tall, intimidating man with thick biceps and thick beard.

"Laban will pay with blood for disrespecting my country!" He spat, fire raging in his eyes.

Julianna grinned smugly behind her hand. This was working out better than she thought. Then, rage lit her eyes much like her father's.

No... Maddox will pay for disrespecting her. He dares to say such things about her? Money hungry... Plain? He will get what he deserves. She thought, gritting her teeth.

"Daddy..." Julianna cooed.
"I have an idea."

Dun dun dunnnn! Cliffhanger. Sorry, this chapter kind of sucked. But it'll get better. Love you guys!

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