Chapter VI

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She can't be here.

What a timing.

She looked around and our eyes met. She's slowly going to our place.

"It's been a while, Jennie Kim." She stated and winked at me.

"Kang Seulgi." I strongly said.

She's the reason why me and Jisoo always fight back then.
A freaking girl who was obsessed with me even though she knew I was head over heals to Jisoo.

"How are you, my dear. I heard your oh-so-lovely girl left you.
I guess, I have my chance now" She smirked and obviously flirting.

"You're delusional." I sarcastically laughed.

We're making a little scene here. I looked to my group and all eyes are on us.

"Please, move the hell out of this place." I said.

"Fine. But one more thing, you'll fall for me. Mark that, baby girl." She whispered in my ear.

Damn her nerves.

We're already done eating. I went straight to my apartment.
Our pictures are still hanging on the wall.

Our pictures are still hanging on the wall

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This is one of my favorites.
We took it on a lazy day, we don't have anything to do until she suggest that we would try the headbands or whatever accesories. Those were given by our fans.

Honestly, we were quite famous on our school.

"Arf arf" This dog really misses me.

"Hey, dalgomie. Your mom is coming home soon" I said while hugging him.

I really hope and wish she will, someday

I smiled bitterly.

Would you ever come back in my arms again? Would I ever add some more pictures of us in the wall? Would our family will be complete soon?

Where are thou, my love?

Dalgom misses you so much. But I miss you the most.

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