Chapter VIII

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Jennie and her bandmates finally arrived at Japan safely. She went to her hotel room immediately because she was so exhausted.

After an hour of nap, she woke up.

She remembers those letter that her fans gave. Something caught her eye.


"Why do I feel familiar about this letter? Ugh whatever" Jennie said to herself.

"Hi, Jenmochi! x
    How are you? Hope you're fine. Enjoy your stay in Japan. Take a lot of care. Sarang!"

She read.

That letter somehow gave her energy and good vibe. She doesn't know why.

She looks who the sender is but she/he only left "King" on it. And there was a piece of puzzle.

Weird but she smiles anyway.

'Jenmochi huh', jennie said to herself and chuckled.

King? It can't be her.

And the memories flash in her mind.

Jisoo and Jennie try those headband crowns in their heads.

"Look, I'm a King!" Jisoo said.

"No, you're a princess. A beautiful princess." Jennie smiled sweetly.

Jisoo cheeks turned red and the butterflies in her stomach are going wild.

"Aniyoo, I'm a King!"

They both laugh together.

Jennie wipes the tears streamed down her face as she remembered those time with her love.

She then look to the other letters that her fan gave her.

'Whoever you are, King. I wanna meet you.
Thank you for this letter' Jennie said while looking at the stars.

Someone knocks on the door. And Jennie already knows who it is. Of course, it's Lisa.

Jennie opens the door and greeted by the smiling maknae.

"Let's go, unnie! Let's have some sushi kind of a night!" Lisa said.

"Arasso, I'll just get my jacket" She said and they walk together to the lobby where the others are.

*one message received

She opens her Kakao talk.

"Hey. It's Kang Seulgi ;)"

She frowns and left it unreplied.

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