Chapter XII

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Jisoo woke up in the morning with a positive vibe. That talk she had with her dad made her realize things.

She shouldn't assume things.

She went to the bathroom to do her morning rituals. After that, she went to the kitchen and decided to cook for breakfast.

'Bacon, pancakes and hotdogs sound good' she thought.

She put on an apron and started cooking.

"What a beautiful sight this morning. Jisoo making breakfast. A miracle" Suho teased and chuckled.

"Don't you dare eat these." Jisoo glared at him.

"Are those even edible to eat?" He laughed.

"I hate you!" She said and continues to do her cooking.

"I love you more" Suho said jokingly.

"Hey, kiddos. Stop that childish fight. Suho, let me have some coffee, please." Jisoo's dad said.

Jisoo already finished cooking breakfast and put it all in the table. There are no burnt foods served, fortunately. She's proud knowing she did learned from her greatest cook, Jennie.

"What do you plan on doing today? Jisoo, you should stroll with Suho in the City more often." Her dad suggested.

"I'll have my appointment today, dad." Jisoo said.

"I'll accompany you." Suho volunteered.

"You don t need to but if that's what you want" Jisoo said and she's already full.

"Okay." Suho said and he put all the utensils they've used and washed it in the sink.

Jisoo then went to her room. Before she'd go and take a bath, she takes a paper and a pen.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.🌻



She folds the paper and put it in a small envelope. Sealed it with a kiss.

She's now going to take a shower. She puts on her clothes and decided to look on her sns.

Jennie Kim, a member of Magnum was seen with the singer Kang Seulgi on a restaurant. Are they dating?

Jisoo creases her eyebrows when she saw the article. She thought Jennie and Seulgi only spend their time at the Han river park but they also went to a restaurant.

She feels pang in her chest.

'Don't assume, Jisoo' she reminds herself.

She thinks someone can help her in confirming this issue.


Yes, she cut ties with Jennie but not with Lisa. Lisa is her closest friend. She scan through her contacts and find her name.

(a/n: Jisoo's font in their text convo is normal and Lisa's will be like this)

J: Hey, Lisa. It's me

L: What the fvck. You're alive! You're in SoKor already? Is it successful? How are you?

J: Calm your nerves, Manoban. I know you missed me that much. Can we meet like right now? If you don't have a sched tho.

L: I'm freaking out tbh. Should I tell Jennie unnie? I'm free rn btw.

J: Please, no. Not right now. Meet me up at our usual hang out café in lunch time.

L: Ok, unnie. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Jisoo decided not to reply anymore. She goes out to her room and Suho is waiting for her.

"Let's go" She said.

Suho being a gentleman opened the door for her.

Time went by so quickly and her appointment is done. She decided to inform Lisa that she's on the way to the café.

"Should we go to the mall and eat lunch?" Suho asked.

"I have to go and meet a friend. Sorry to take down your offer. I promise, I'll make it up to you." Jisoo said feeling sorry for Suho.

"You promised. I'll hold unto that haha." He said. He playfully throws the car key to Jisoo. Luckily, she caught it.

"I'm going to take a cab. There's no way I would allow you to take cab." Suho said. He really cares for her.

Jisoo then thanked him and goes to the car and drive off to the said café. She received a text from Lisa, informing her that the blonde is already there.

She parked the car and went inside. She saw Lisa in the corner wearing a cap.

"Ya, Lalisa!" Jisoo said.

"Are you really, Jisoo? No way. You're in states, right?" Lisa said still in disbelief that Jisoo's already in Korea. Right infront of her eyes.

"Aigoo, Lisa. It's really me. Can't I comeback to my beloved country?" Jisoo laughed.

"You should've informed me sooner. Btw, I already ordered your favorite Iced choco and cheesecake." Lisa said.

"Oh, since when did you become that thoughtful?" Jisoo teased.

Lisa just pout and made Jisoo cringed by her action.

She missed the maknae.

Their orders came by and they eat it peacefully. The two believe that they must prioritize eating first before talking. After they're done with the food, Jisoo asked Lisa about her.

"How's your life now? I'm really proud you all made your dreams possible. How is she?" Jisoo asked.

"We're really happy unnie that we're now living on our dreams. About her? She's so cold now but she's still a caring unnie." Lisa said.

"Uhmm, I-is she in a relationship with someone right now? with Seulgi?"

"Yes, unnie. They are dating now."

Jisoo's hopes went away in a blink of an eye. She prepared herself about this but the pain in her heart is unbearable.

Her tears about to fall when she heard Lisa laughing.

She's confused. Why would Lisa laugh at her condition?

"I was just making fun of you, unnie. I never meant to be serious." Lisa said feeling guilty.

It wasn't a good joke. But it makes Jisoo somehow hopeful.

Lisa wanted to stay longer but her manager texted her. She bid her good bye to Jisoo. And she about to go when Jisoo handed her an envelope.

"Please, give to Jennie. But don't tell her that I'm the one giving her those." Jisoo said.

"You're the mysterious King?!" Lisa was shookt.

"Yes, pabo!" Jisoo said and chuckled.

They made their way at the exit. Lisa was the first one to go.

After a couple of minutes, Jisoo also went her way home.

The day after tomorrow is our finals. Here I am, procastinating lol.

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