Chapter IX

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It's a rainy morning and Jisoo can clearly hear the sound of the rain dropping.

Cuddle weather.
She hopes Jennie's with her.

She has nothing to do so she taps that Instagram app in her phone and scrolls. Until a notification pops up that Jennie posted something in her account.

 Until a notification pops up that Jennie posted something in her account

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kimjennieM 📍How's everyone doing? Thank you, Tokyo! See you, Seoul.

I miss pinching that bubbly cheeks. And of course, I miss you, Jenmochi.

After she saw that post, she quickly gets up and prepare in going to the airport.

She went to the dining room where Suho and her dad already sitting there.

"Good morning, dad and Suho" she greeted them with a smile.

"Good morning, baby"
"Good morning, Jis" The two men said in unison.

They talked a lot of things while eating breakfast.

"I have to go somewhere." Jisoo said

"Let Suho accompany you, then." Her dad said.

"No, I can handle myself." She said.

"Okay. Just be careful." Her dad said with concern.

"Did you already take your--" Suho didn't finish his sentence.

"Yes, bye" Jisoo left their home and drive off to the airport.

She waited in the corner.
Jennie Kim, you're so gorgeous as hell. Wait for me.


Jennie's plane already took off. Of course, many fans are there again.

Somehow her tiredness eases a little when her fans gave her letters or gifts. She appreciates little things from them.

She again received a familiar letter from that mysterious King. The message was short and weird.

"Ppong!" It said there.

And there was a number 30.

"What does that even mean?" Jennie thought.

She shrugs it off and kept the letter in her wallet.

I really wanted to know who this mysterious sender is.

Jennie planned to talk to Seulgi tonight. She wants to stop the girl from getting into her life again.

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