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"Ji jisoo?"

Jisoo was startled. She doesn't know what to say to Jennie right now. Out of all place, she never thought they'd see each other here.

Fate really knows how to play.

"Here's your cotton candy, your majesty." Suho said without noticing Jennie who's wearing a cap so that she wouldn't easily recognize by people there.

What a timing.

"So, is he?" Jennie said with a hint of pain in her voice. Pointing out to Suho who came out with that damn cotton candy.

Jisoo knows that Jennie misunderstood things, she thinks that maybe Jennie assumed that Suho is her boyfriend.

It feels like she can't utter a single word. She became mute at that moment.

Suho remained silent. He doesn't want to interfere their moment.

As if on cue, she gathered some courage to finally speak.

"Oh, Jen. I-it's been a long time." She said awkwardly and half smiled. She was about to hug Jennie but the latter step back to avoid it.

Jennie dragged her in secluded area where no one would gonna hear their conversation.

"Why don't you answer my question first? Who is he? Is he the reason why you broke up with me? Is he the reason why you left me hanging and the reason why you didn't keep all your bullshit promises? Huh. Answer me Kim fucking Jisoo" Tears stream down on Jennie's face.

Jisoo just looked down. Holding back her tears. She wanted to kiss her badly she wanted to hug her tight.

'It hurts seeing her cry. And it hurts more that I'm the one causing it.' Jisoo said to herself.

It was first time she heard Jennie cursed to her.

"Why won't you answer my goddamn questions?!" Jennie said getting impatient.

"Oh, I see. Silence means ye-"

"You want me to answer? Then fine! Yep, he is. He fucking is. Are you happy now?" Jisoo said in low voice but with emphasis.

Jennie lost her all at that moment. Her eyes were like a dam. Her tears flowing non stop. Her heart was ripped into bits and pieces. It feels like the star lost its shine.

"How could I be happy knowing that the love of my life ruined our oh-so-perfect relationship by breaking up with me? How could I be happy knowing that you already found someone else while I'm still mourning to our dead relationship?" Jennie cries her heart out.

Jisoo is trying so hard not to take back her words. Hearing Jennie's words pushed her to tell Jennie the truth.

But not yet. It isn't the time yet.

"I was such a stupid and delusional for  hoping you'd come back to me. I'm such a fool for still loving you even you cause me too much heartaches."

"Sorry, Jen." It's all she can say.

She's still absorbing what happened on the confrontation.

She has to lie. It felt like she was stabbed million times in her heart when she said those to Jennie.

Jennie walked away wiping her tears after she said sorry.

Jisoo just watched her leave until she was of sight. Trying to hold back herself from the thought of chasing Jennie.

Right after that, her vision became blurry. She can't hear clearly and everything went black.

And at the same time, the fireworks began to fill up the night sky.

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