Chapter XXII (finale)

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Mr. Sun was up, stroking its sun rays to Jennie's face that made her woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and look up to the date.

She smiled.

"I'm gonna visit my love today" she said.

She got up made her way to the bathroom and washed up. She wore sweatpants and tshirt.

First, she'll go to the park and take Dalgom for a walk.

Sweats dripping down her face. A perfect kind of exercise that she'll never get tired of.

She texted Lalisa.

To: Limario

Hey, can you come over to my apartment? Take Rosé with you. Dalgom doesn't have someone to accompany him. I know you're not in good terms with him LOL.

Soon Dalgom and Jennie went home and she showered a bit and changed into more casual look. She took her keys and purse and went her way to the flowershop.

"I'll take the usual flower, ma'am" She said to the old woman who sells flowers.

She became a regular costumer since that happened.

"A dozen of fresh yellow tulips for your fiancé, young lady!" The vendor said.

"Thank you, ma'am. She'll love this for sure. Byee!" She said.

Flowers checked. A bucket of chicken to go.
Jennie passed by at the drive thru to order some chicken.

After that, she went her way where Jisoo was.

"A bucket of your favorite chicken and fresh yellow tulips for my one and only!" Jennie said.

"I went to park with Dalgom today. We kinda need exercise. Lisa is with him now. I'm sure they'll fight."

"Can you see what necklace I'm wearing right now? It's the piece of puzzle you gave me alongside with the first letter." Jennie smiled remembering what Jisoo told her about the necklace.

"I always re-read all the letters and notes you gave me. They made me keep moving forward everday."

"I love you so much, Jisoo. Without doubts and lies. You made me realize every wonderful things in this harsh world. I don't know why that brain aneurysm chose to attacked you." A tear escaped in her eye.

"I know I shouldn't be crying but I can't help it. I miss you so damn much." She said with longingness.

Jennie never thought about the time. She's been staying there for hours already. The sun is starting to set.

Sunset. Signaling the day has ended.

"I gotta go, Love. Dalgom misses me already. I'm going to visit you tomorrow again, okay? I love you." She smiled and wiped her tears.

....and when God took you back He said, "Hallellujah, you're home."

- the end -

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