Special Chapter

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a/n to those everyone who asked for alternative ending, here it is.

Many were sad about Jisoo's condition. Everyone prayed for her successful operation and fast recovery.

Her dad and her friends are patiently waiting at the outside of the Operating Room. They're hoping for the best and expecting for the worst.

The doctor in charged finally got out from the Room.

"We did everything we can. And I'm happy to inform you that the surgery went well. We'll transfer her into the private room."

"What a relief. Thank you, doc." Jisoo's dad said.

"Thank you so much, doc." Jennie sincerely said.

"It's my job, miss. No need to thank me. And also, the patient is a fighter." Doc said.

They all sigh in relief. That was close. They can't afford losing a friend, a good daughter and a loving fiancé.

Jennie insisted to stay. She wanted that she'll be the first one Jisoo will see when she wakes up.

"Thank you for holding on, Jisoo. I love you." She said as she holds the hand of the unconscious Jisoo.


Morning came and Jisoo hasn't wake up yet. Lisa and Rosé came over to vist her.

"Good morning, Jennie unnie." They said in unison.

"Good morning, guys." She smiled.

"You must go home unnie. You need to take a bath. Jisoo might wake up because of your smell. " Lisa laughed.

"Ya, Lalisa!" Jennie glared at her.

"Fine, it will not take me long. I'll be back. Text me if something happens." She said.

She went home. Fed dalgom and took a bath. She decided to buy some flowers.

"A fresh bouquet of yellow tulips to go pls." Jennie said to vendor.

"Here it is, miss. Thanks for dropping by."

1 messaged from Lisa

Unnie! Something bad happened. Come over quickly.

Her heart started to beat fast.

"Please, not again." She said.

She hurriedly went her way to the hospital. When she's in the door of Jisoo she took a deep breath and slam the door.

"What the fuck happened?!!" She yelled.

All eyes were on her including the nurses and doctor.

"Watch your words, Jendeukie." Jisoo said.

She was fooled by Lisa. She was about to attack her but she went straight to Jisoo.

"Are you okay now? Is there something hurt? Uhmm flowes for you? hehe" She said continously.

"Are you seriously going to give that 'almost ruined bouquet' unnie?" Lisa teased her.

She looked at the flowers and yes, it's kinda messed now because she was rattled on the way here.

"It's all your freaking fault, Manoban! I swear, you'll pay for this." She said.


"There you are, Jisoo. Been waiting for you for like half an hour already." Seulgi said.

Seulgi invited Jisoo for a snack at a café. Yes, they're now friends.

"So how's married life? Is Suho treating you right?" Jisoo asked.

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