Chapter XI

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Jisoo had a heavy heart on the way to her home.

Well, she forgot the letter that she wrote. She thought of taking it back. And when she went back to the place, she saw Jennie. Unfortunately, with someone, named Seulgi.

The girl whom she despised the most.

Her heart sank knowing there might be relation going in between the two.

"What would I expect? I left her without telling her my reasons. She probably happy without me anymore." Jisoo said to herself as her eyes shed tears.

She walks and goes back to her car carefully so no one would have notice her.

So many thoughts come to her mind.

"Have Jennie moved on from me?"
"Does Jennie forgot about me?"
"Is she going out with Seulgi?"
"That should have been me."

Minutes passed, she arrived at her house.

She startled a bit because his father is still awake, sitting down in the couch drinking some tea.

"Why are you still awake, dad?" Jisoo asked.

"I was waiting for you, my dear. You know, I can't sleep knowing my daughter is still not home. Why are your eyes so puffy?" Her dad was worried.

"It's nothing, dad." She faked a smile

"I know you're not okay. I can simply see it into your eyes. You're my daughter, remember?" Her dad said.

"I saw Jennie. But the thing is, she was with someone else." She said with a hint of sadness.

"Aigoo, Jisoo. Don't assume yet. Not because she's with someone, they have relationship already. You're jumping to the conclusion, hun."

"Do you know that eversince you broke up with her, Jennie was named as Cold princess? She never smiles like her usual gummy smile anymore. You took away the sparks in her eyes."

Jisoo is listening to her dad intently.

"But, I saw her IG post before coming back to Korea. She smiled genuinely there and a twinkle in her eye is visible." Her dad said.

"That's because she's with Seulgi, dad." She pouted.

"Why do you keep on bringing that girl up? You gotta see the bright side, Jisoo. I always have a contact with Jennie." Her dad winked at her.

"You what?!" Jisoo said in shocked. She never thought her dad and Jennie are still contacting each other after what happened.

"Calm down. Excuse me, Miss Kim Jisoo. Just because you two broke up that doesn't mean I'd cut my ties with my buddy. Ya know, I love that child." her dad said wiggling his brows.

"I know, you love her more than your own child." She said pretending she's mad.

"Make your move now, Jis. I only want Jennie for you. Imma Jensoo's number 1 shipper." her dad said trying to cheer her up.

"You act like a teenager, dad. I already started making my moves. She should be patient until I'm finally fully re--" She was cut off by Suho's fake cough

"Ehem. I was about drink some water but I saw you two talking" Suho interrupted.

"We're just having a daughter-father talk. We kinda missed each other." Her dad said.

"Yeah" Jisoo shortly replied.

Mr. Kim already stand up and about to go to his room.

"Good night to the two of you. Jisoo-ah! Hwaiting!" His dad shouted.

Suho and Jisoo just laugh to Mr. Kim's behaviour. They said goodnights to each other and went to their respective rooms.

Goodnight, Jendeukie. Please, wait more.


Seulgi drop off Jennie from Magnum's apartment.

"It was nice having time with you, Jennie-ssi. Thank you" Seulgi smiled.

"Stop the formalities, Seulgi. Thank you for today as well. Take care on going back home." Jennie said

"Yeah, I will. Good night."

They finally bid their goodbyes.

When she get in to their apartment. She saw her members.

Jennie got some explaining to do.

"I know what you guys are thinking. But we're not together. We just ate and talked some things. We're friends now." Jennie explained.

They laugh except Jennie, of course.

"You're being too defensive, unnie." Rosé said.

"Loosen up a bit, Jen. We know who's the one in your heart." Jungyeon winked, teasing Jennie.

"Whatever, guys. I'm going to sleep. Night!" Jennie said and went straight to her room.

She went to wash up. And change to her pyjamas.

She remembers the paper. She take it out from her coat and saw what's written on it.

Who will accompany the Moon without Star?



Jennie was shocked. That mysterious "King" was in the same place but in different time. She was too close on meeting her/him.

Who are you?

She then drift off to sleep.


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