Chapter XIV

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A week passed and Jisoo is still writing letters to Jennie despite of the younger one's schedule.

"Almost there." she said.

It was a cloudy day, it's a perfect weather to go out. She prepares herself because Suho invited her to go to an amusement park. She agreed to it because she misses being there; riding carousel like a little kid, playing games to win prizes, getting goosebumps and shouting her lungs out at the roller coaster.

She went her way outside and Suho is leaning to his car waiting for her. When he saw Jisoo, he quickly opened the passenger seat door. He started the engine and drive their way to the amusement park.

They arrive there at the park seeing a lot of kids and couples. Suho bought all-ride tickets so that they will try out whatever they wanted to ride.

Jisoo looks like a kid. She's so excited to what will gonna happen today.

"Let's go to those booths first." She said pointing to a booth where you have to shoot a ball.

"Lead the way, your majesty." He said and bowed. Jisoo just laughed with he's silly actions.

Jisoo is the one who'll play first. She just scored 5 over 10. She pouted looking like at her score. The staff gave her a small toy as a prize. She wanted to get atleast the small Bunny stuff toy but she failed.

Now, it's Suho's turn. He flawlessly finshed the game, scoring 10/10. He saw that Jisoo wanted that Bunny thing so he chose it as the prize.

"For you." Suho said, giving the Bunny to Jisoo.

"Omo! Thank you. Suho jjang!" Jisoo smiled

After that they went to try some rides. They were kinda exhausted, so they decided to eat snacks at the food stalls.

1 message received from Lisa

Heyo unnie! Wanna hang out? It's our free day today :D

Jisoo quickly replied.

Aye, I'm not free today. I went somewhere with Suho. Maybe next time, Manoban.

After the message was sent, she put the phone back into her pocket.

They started to dig in to their foods.

"C'mon, let's go to and ride again." Jisoo said already finished on eating.

"Arasso, lil kid." Suho chuckled.

They went to the roller coaster and Suho is scared.

"Is this safe to ride. I mean this might broke or something." He's voice is obviously shaking.

"What a coward." Jisoo said.

"I am." He uttered.

Jisoo enjoyed herself in the whole ride and Suho fortunately survived.

The sky is losing its bright color and it's starting to get dark. Time for the fireworks display.

"Hey, Jis. Just stay here. I'm going to buy a cotton candy." Suho said.

"Okay, palli!" she she said.


Jennie happened to be in the amusement park also. She wants to watch the firework display. She asked Seulgi to be with her but then Seulgi turned down the offer because of her sched.

She went out with Lisa instead.

Lisa excused herself to buy some ice cream.

Jennie then search a place for a better view.

While she's scanning the area, she saw a familiar figure, a very familiar one. Carrying a bunny stuff toy.

She approaches her to confirm if it's really her. To make sure that she isn't hallucinating.

Every step she makes, her heart beats so loudly. When she finally meters away from her she spoke.

"Ji jisoo?" She said with cracked voice.

Jisoo turned to face her. Jisoo was surprised. She wasn't expecting to see Jennie here. She wasn't ready to face her yet.

Jisoo about to open her mouth to talk to Jennie when a voice interrupted them

"Here's your cotton candy, your majesty!"

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