Chapter 5: Think carefully

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"You fell in love with a storm. 

Did you really think you would get out unscathed?" 

Nikita Gill

Lily looked twice behind her to see if the dragon was really there and not a fantasy product of her tired mind.

He was. He was still in the same position as before, lying on the ground and occupying almost all the garden of the Orphanage, watching her with his beautiful golden eyes.

I can't believe it - she thought, still stunned - I have a dragon.

 When they arrived at her little attic, for the first time in years, she felt a little conscious of her appearance

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When they arrived at her little attic, for the first time in years, she felt a little conscious of her appearance.

She had old and ruined clothes, her bed didn't even seem a bed, little jars and glasses were everywhere for when it rained. Her small and almost empty wardrobe was on the verge of falling as a leg had broken down, and the piles of old books stacked dangerously on a corner of the little room made the room even smaller than it already was.

Arya however, didn't seem to notice, or was kind enough to ignore her situation, she simply looked around showing some interest in the books. She picked up Legends of the Giant War with a little smile on her beautiful face.

"I was there you know" said the elf, eyes looking down as she flipped the old pages with a sad expression "I fought this war".

Lily lifted her head up so fast that it almost made a crack, and looked at her wise eyes that in that moment seemed to be so far away, caught in a distant memory.

"How old are you?" Lily asked curiously "If I can ask"

"Old enough" she replied with a little smile "elves and gryphons live longer than everyone else" she merely explained while turning another page before closing the book and putting it back in its place.

"But we are not here to talk about me" she said, looking back into her eyes. Suddenly the air transformed into one full of tension for the words the elf was going to say.

"Before you make this decision I want you to listen very carefully" said Arya, her voice hard "What you are going to do will be no fun, it will be harder than everything you have ever done. You will have to exercise and train almost every day, and it will be painful. You will need to sacrifice a lot of energy and sleep" she explained "sometimes you will feel that you can't do it any more and that you will want to quit. You will snap a lot with people because you will be continually tired. However, you will have a squad to support you, that will basically become your new family and you will also have a dragon that will be your other half"

Lily nodded, understanding her words. She already knew that going to the Academy was extremely hard, there were sometimes stories coming from the radio about some exercise the students had to do.

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