Chapter 9: To kill or be killed

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  "I believe in everything until it's disproved.
So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. 
It all exists, even if it's in your mind. 

Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?" 

John Lennon 

She could stay with her dragon and live hundreds of adventure with him. She could have all the time she wanted to see the world, to meet people and see places.

Yes, it really didn't sound so terrible.

 In her free afternoon, after having lunch alone, she had decided to found where the lessons would take place

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In her free afternoon, after having lunch alone, she had decided to found where the lessons would take place.

She had always managed to find the classrooms and the study rooms by herself and a the little map she had found in her bedroom, the common school canteen and the other houses where the riders and their partner lived where also easy to find. She also discovered that the dorms were divided for type: elves and gryphons, who weren't a lot, lived in a small red building who had a lot of plants and flowers on the outside. The other riders lived in four different buildings, divided for feathered and scaled dragons, but not for squad.

She also found a giant library where she was sure she would spend almost all her free time. There were thousands and thousands of books stocked in ordered shelves, with a lot of riders inside studying and doing researches silently. Lily had to physically remove herself from the entrance, gaping like an idiot at the sight of so many books.

The rest of the day proceeded nicely. Lily didn't think much of her new long life or of the meaning and consequences of that. She simply sat down near the trees outside her room and listened to Erebos as he told her some stories of when he was young and mischievous. He loved to talk of the little pranks he did to the other dragons and all the trouble he caused.

Lily listened fondly as she wanted to know everything of her new partner, but didn't share much as she didn't have a lot to say. Her old life seemed dull and incomplete compared to his.

In the evening her squad had come back exhausted from the training and immediately wolfed down everything that was on sight. Mattia told her that finally they had managed to meet the new teachers.

There would be Miss Aurora Ayeri, a rider, who would teach them how to fly first and then how to fight in the air; Miss Violet Kennis, who would teach them the story of the battles, who they would fight and all that they would need to know about the enemies, Mister Jorah Valka would teach them hand-to-hand combat and with weapons, and then all of them would have a private teacher that would help them with their special dragons, but they still had to be assigned.

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