Chapter 38

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~Picture Above: Summer's hair~

So one is poisoned, and the other isn't?

My hands fidget at my sides as Ms. Meryl holds one chocolate in each hand, waiting.

I hesitantly settle my hand on the red chocolate, smiling anxiously.

Red is a dangerous color, so she's trying to trick me into thinking that this one is the bad one.

Right? That kinda makes sense.

"Is that your final choice?" She calmly asks.

My head feels dizzy as I take it out of her palm, squeezing it tightly. "Y-Yes."

I dreadfully remove the wrapping and lift the sweet to my mouth. My teeth settle on the top, and I'm about to bite into it when—

"I like you enough." She sighs and takes the chocolate out of my mouth, placing the orange one in my hand instead.

So I take that one and bite into it, and it tastes... sweet. With an undercurrent of something strange that I couldn't specify.

... Is it poison?

Ms. Meryl smiles. "Anyway, Luna should be waiting by the next stop right now. If you're wondering, I took her from you to get some... answers— just for a bit— but I believe they've released her now."

"Hold on. What exactly did you need her for?" I squint.

She says nothing, but her smile never waivers.

Oliver places his hand on my shoulder as the train comes to a stop and the doors swing open.

I turn my head back to get one last fleeting glance of her, but I couldn't see her anywhere.


Well, at least I'm not dead... yet.

Oliver trails behind me, a confused expression plastered on his little boy-band face.

He leans closer to me for me to hear. "I think Ms. Meryl took a shine to you."

I look up at him, smirking. "You think?"

"Well, she saved your dumbass from eating the poisoned one."

My eyes widen. "Really?"

"Well, I don't think the one you ate was a normal chocolate either, but... we'll see."

He scratches the back of his neck before guiding me out of the crowded subway.


I ask, "Isn't Luna here somewhere?"

"Don't worry, I bet she'll find us," he replies.

As we leave the underground station, stores begin to pop up around us, making me realize just how unprepared I was to go to a funeral. I was practically in pajamas.

Oliver thought the same thing, slowing down his pace and asking me if I'd like to buy an actual dress to wear.

I agreed, nodding quietly.

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