Chapter 44

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She drowns me in warm, sugary kisses, her delicate lips soft in such a way that made me crave more. A string of saliva connecting our lips for a moment as she pulls away.

  Two fingers are in my mouth as her other hand caresses my thigh, up my curves and separating my legs.

She laughs under her breath. "Damn... you're already that aroused?" I bite her lightly in reply and she pushes my tongue down to suppress any other words from my lips.

I flinch as she brings the item closer to me, resting it on my shoulder. I'm scared. Mild, gentle vibrations pulsate though my skin, and suddenly I wasn't as afraid anymore.

"Okay?" She smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Omfnn." I reply, her still in my mouth.

  She laughs and before I could realize, the vibrations were somewhere else and I immediately tensed against her, my back arching as I attempt to suppress a moan, my eyes fluttering with pleasure.

A burst of colors flooded my vision, blue swirling into pink and yellow lights, intensifying with every pulsation, and suddenly it was too bright for me to think anymore.
Her other hand leaves my mouth and focuses on my sweetest area, while she slides the item in slowly, her own breath uneven as she bites her lip, water trickling down the curves of her body and filling me with so many sensations.

It hurts slightly, but it pulsates so good. I run my hands through her damp, disheveled hair, rocking against her body as the colors begin to enter my own.
Red tickled my lips, moving to my breasts, down to my navel, and when it struck my core I screamed.
Except the feeling stuck there and began pooling in my stomach; becoming weak in the height of euphoria as I let out a breath of pleasured torture and suddenly, there was another swirl of sensation and I felt something warm on my thighs, and that's when Luna pulled out and kissed my navel, up and down my hips while her teeth lightly sink into my neck.
She draws out a taste of whatever's on my thighs, then another... and then she steadies me onto her shoulders as I come down from the high, entering another one in her arms.

"Are you okay?" She asks, her voice gentle, honeyed and raspy all at the same time, which flustered me beyond a response.

She stands up and offers me a hand, her breath unsteady. "Let's... actually take a shower, Sunshine."


She lovingly places her hands on my shoulders, massaging lower in circular motions. I spot a few tiny soap bubbles floating in the air, looking as delightful as I feel.
As she gets to the small of my back, I whimper lightly. She kisses the nape of my neck and whispers a gentle 'i love you'.
Vanilla swirls around me and I breathe in the scent, completely giving into her touch.

I giggle. "Why are you giving me aftercare?"

"This isn't aftercare. We didn't do anything that bad... wait, how do you know about aftercare?"

My cheeks turn red as I smile guiltily. "Well..."

I know she's rolling her eyes and I'm not even looking at her.
Her voice low, she teases, "You're something else."

My eyes close. I know.


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