Chapter 45

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 Light floods through the windowpane, dousing her in the morning sun

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Light floods through the windowpane, dousing her in the morning sun.

I hear the soft sound of her breath against the pillow and find myself grinning.

"Luna, wake up."

She rolls over in the bedsheets, grumbling drowsily.


Eyes of the morning sky gaze upon me, a lazy smile on her face as she runs her hand through my auburn hair.

"Deep sleep, huh?" I tease her.

She ignores me and mumbles happily, pressing warm kisses on my neck. "Good morning, sunshine."

I trace her collarbone, my fingers lingering just a second more.
Her eyes flicker responsively, the sunlight highlighting her dimples.

Surprisingly, I feel something rough... like there's something under her shirt.


I gently pull her shirt aside, and Luna winces in pain.
Revealing old bandages that barely shield her bruised skin. Once porcelain, now tainted with dried blood.

A bullet wound that was meant for me.

How... could I have forgotten?

Tangling ourselves in the sheets has distracted us from the reality of everything.

My vision grows blurry with tears.

Hasn't it?

A hand wipes them away.

Her arms wrap tightly around me as she coos, "It's alright, I'm fine..."

Vanilla embraces me second, and suddenly memories are flooding through my vision.

  Where she wept silently in my arms until we fell asleep. Into the fitting room where I nervously slipped on my wedding gown, hoping to impress her; to the rooftop where she kissed me and I felt like I had melted under the stars; the same place where a bullet pierced her skin instead of mine.

And it hits me at this moment.

I want to stay with her for the rest of my life.


"I... love you."

  I clench the fabric of her nightgown as the words tremble from my mouth.
Offering a weak smile, though she isn't aware of the revelation I just had, or what I really long to say.

"I love you too," she whispers, caressing the side of my face as if I meant everything in the world.

And we stay like this.

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