Chapter 40

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~Photo Above: Luna Roselyn💓~

"...What's going on?" she quietly asks, steadying me with her hand.

She's so warm...

I blink slowly. Wait, n-no. I'm supposed to be ignoring her right now. If it wasn't for the drugs in my system...

"Mn, n-nothing." I squeeze my eyes shut, as if it would take me somewhere far less sweltering.

  The mid-day sun mercilessly beats down on us, and sounds of nearby traffic bleed into my ears. I hope we get to the funeral in time. Sweat beads on my forehead.

"Hey Luna, uh... we didn't tell you about what happened, did we?" Oliver tugs at his shirt collar.

She slowly raises an eyebrow. "Didn't tell me about what?"

"Well, uh—" Oliver glances at me, and that's when I realize.

She wasn't with us this morning. That means... oh, god.

Luna isn't aware that on the way to the funeral, I mistakenly dragged Ms. Meryl onto the train with us. Upon realizing my relations with her daughter, she gave me chocolate that she tampered with. There were date-rape drugs and possibly viagra inside what I ate.

So, now I'm fucked.

She doesn't even know that I met her own mother on the train ride here.

I bite my nails, laughing nervously. This isn't good... how should we tell her?


Luna folds her arms. "Did something happen on the way here?"

I swat away my thoughts and try to speak.

"I-I...I'll tell you later, after the funeral. We only have like, half an hour to make it in time, so—"

Luna laughs. "Since when did you have any realistic perception of time? The author herself has none whatsoever, so why would you?"

My face turns red. "W-Well, I don't know! Still, I would rather show up to Alex's funeral early, than disrespect her by arriving late."

Oliver sighs, ashamed for agreeing with me. "Touché. Let's keep walking, we're almost there anyway."


By the time we arrive at the funeral site, the drug has completely kicked in. I cannot walk straight, thus making every step I took exponentially gay.

"Thisssis it," I whisper drunkenly.

Oliver and Luna stand together near the entrance, staring with sympathy. "We'll stay aside here," Oliver explains.

I wobble my head back at the two of them and turn towards the entrance.

Here goes nothing.


Hurriedly, I pull up a chair towards the back of the service and sit down.

Except, I didn't sit down.
I tried to sit down, but instead, I actually busted my ass, because there weren't any chairs at all. Oopsie.

The majority of people turn their heads, disdainfully eyeing me on the ground.

I rub my forehead painfully. Why did—

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