Chapter 1

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"Aw my Jody!" A voice said causing me to open my eyes.

What happened? Where am I? Why am I in someone's arms?

"Excuse me? Lady! Who are you and where am I?" I tried to ask, but all that seemed to come out were gurgles and cries.

"Aw Miranda! It's like she's trying to talk to you!" Beamed the man behind her.

Ah so this lady's name is Miranda.

"Saul isn't she just precious?" The lady er I mean Miranda said.

So the man's name is Saul. Why can't I make out their faces well? And why am I so sleepy?


So my vision is finally clearing and I seem to be in a crib. I suppose I have been reborn, though I have no recollection of even dying. I even have the same name as I did in my past life.

Ugh I'm hungry.

"Wahhhhh" I started crying.

What the heck? Stop it stupid baby body!

"Saul I think she's hungry!" Miranda said picking me up.

Ah this is embarrassing, you know, being held like this.

Slowly Miranda unbuttoned her dress with the help of her husband. She then lifted her undergarments to reveal her breast.

Oh right, I'm a baby now, this is how we eat. This is so embarrassing. I can't do this! I suppose I have to do this...ah now I'm sleepy again.


I don't know how many days it's been but I am very tired constantly. I have finally been able to see clearly and I seem to be a noble of some sort. There are maids and butlers constantly around so it only makes since. It also seems that I am in a more Victorian era.

My mother is decently tall maybe around 5'7 give or take and very slim. She has brown hair and brown eyes, so definitely very average.

My father as well has brown hair and brown eyes. You might even mistake them for being related and by all means they might be in some way...but my father is a tad bit chubbier and only reaching maybe 5'4.


Hm let's see...I am maybe 5 years of age now. I have learnt to read, walk, and write relatively quickly. Which doesn't surprise me for I do have previous knowledge from my past life.

Why can I not remember my past life much? I would focus on it more and try to remember, but my mother should be here soon to bring me to the living room to meet someone of importance, at least that's what she said.

"Jody, I'm coming in!" My mother said before running into the room and walked up to where I was sitting at the desk.

"So are you ready to meet our special guest?" She asked kneeling next to me.

"Yes mommy." I said in my childish voice. She beamed and quickly picked me up before running to our living area. Once there she sets me down in between her and my father. Across from us sat another couple with a son in between them.

The lady was slim and had black hair that was tied into a bun and dark brown eyes. The husband had black hair and almost gray eyes. The husband seemed cool and collected. Though the wife wasn't smiling you could see she had very kind eyes.

"So Jody I'd like to introduce you to Duke and Duchess Robinson!" My mother smiled to me.

"Oh please Miranda just call me Tara!" The lady smiled.

"And please just address me as Marlin." He nodded towards us.

"Oh and this is our son Dexter!" Tara smiled. I looked at my dad expectantly.

"Jody I'm sorry to bring this on you but Dexter here is to be your fiancé." My father said. I widened my eyes in horror. Fiancé? What?!

"You see Jody being betrothed to Dexter will help us significantly." My mother added on.
I suppose this is a norm here in this time. A social normality.

"Okay..." I mumbled looking to the pudgy kid with black hair and brown eyes. Why does everyone look so...boring? That might be a rude way of saying it. It's just everyone looks so alike.

"Well now that we have that about you kids get to know each other?" Marlin suggested. I nodded in reply and gave a bright welcoming smile to Dexter.

I went a grabbed his hand before dragging him to the garden. I quickly sat down under the tree and patted for him to sit next to me.

"I refuse to sit on this dirty ground." Dexter said crossing his arms. I gave him a weird look before taking off my sweater and laying it down, motioning for him to sit. He frowns and sits down. Looking at him he seems to be a few years older than I. Maybe he is 8, he is very snobby though.

"So tell me about yourself." I smiled.

"No." He said crossing his arms. This will be more difficult than I expected. I frowned again before standing up abruptly.

"You know you're rude right?" I asked.

"I don't need to be kind to someone of lower status than I." He glared. I glared right back at him. I don't think this is going to work out.

"You know, I don't think this will work. I will go talk to our parents to cancel this." I started to walk away before he grabbed my arm rather harshly.

"No don't my parents will kill me!" He suddenly burst.

"Well then we should actually talk like civilized beings, no?" I tilted my head. He glared at me before nodding. He then held out a hand.

"What?" I asked.

"Help me up." He replied. I glared before reaching for his pudgy hand and pulling him up. I sighed and grabbed my sweater that was flattened and covered in dirt. I brushed as much as I could off the sweater before realizing it's to no avail. I hung it over my arm with a frown. I looked around to see that Dexter was already gone.


I am 10 now. Time has flown by really quickly. I have had a very normal life which I definitely cannot complain about. I have even regained some of my memories from my past life.

My name was Jody in my past life as well and I was around my early 30s when I had died. I worked as a normal secretary at some company.  It was all very normal, but I had secret obsession with novels. I think I died when I was actually reading a novel when I walked in front of a car. At least it was a fun and unique was to go out.

Well moving on but today there is a big noble get together or tea party thing. Dexter has become slightly more bearable. Note the word slightly.

A maid is dressing me in a knee length yellow and white dress and brushing my brown hair.

"Excuse me um Miss?" I asked.

"Yes?" She replied.

"I realize I have never gotten your name." I stated. She hesitated seeming taken aback.

"It is Amber Miss." She smiled.

"Well Amber, I hope I will be in good hands!"

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