Chapter 4

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I am now 15 and a year away from being enrolled in schooling. I have been cold constantly but I manage by wrapping myself in blankets and sitting near the fireplace. At this rate I believe I have the element water. Ugh the same as that bubbly pink haired princess.

Throughout these years I have grown closer to Colette and even Edwin. My birthday parties primarily consisted of us and Dexter. Colette and Edwin both refuse to admit that they like each other. I find it very amusing to be completely honest.

Today we are actually going on a tour of the academy. Since Dexter is a few years older he will not be joining us. Which I honestly find relieving. Dexter has gotten to a really clingy point in life. I wouldn't even call it clingy. It is more like jealous.

I haven't had any contact with Elisa or Leonel, but they should be on the tour today as well. Today is also the day Elisa meets Cordell.

I sat in the carriage with Edwin and Colette on our way to the academy. I let out a sigh.

I need to avoid the leads as much as possible, but it pains me thinking of what will happen to Leonel. I need to stick to my guts and avoid this dark romance.

"Are you okay Jody?" Edwin spoke up.

"Yes Jody you have been very quiet." Colette added on.

"Hahhh well I guess I am just nervous." I laughed lightly. They both smiled and didn't question it to my pleasure. They rest of the ride went smooth and soon we arrived.


All of us gathered in a group. A big group of snobby 15 year olds. I looked around looking for anyone familiar. I spotted a familiar purple haired devil, Ivy. I couldn't seem to spot Cordell though. He was described to have blonde hair and light green eyes. Both Leonel and Cordell looked like opposites. Leonel was dark and Cordell was light. However Cordell was actually the sadistic evil one. Originally he only wanted Elisa because Leonel had her. Eventually he does fall for her, but the start was rough.

"And this is the courtyard. A lot of students like to spend time here." The guide told us.

"I am so sorry we are late." I jerked my head to see the blonde haired kid in his finest. Looking at him you could just sense how arrogant he was. But I'll admit, I can definitely see how females are attracted to him. He is tall and handsome.

Then suddenly I noticed behind him, Elisa. And behind her was Leonel who had his arms wrapped around her and his chin on her head. He has gotten quite tall as well.

If I remember correctly, Leonel and Elisa got lost and Cordell found them. He then saw how clingy Leonel was and decided he wanted to know what was so good about the girl.

As looking at them I make eye contact with Leonel. His eyes slightly widen when our meet, but I quickly look away and continue to focus on the tour.


It's been a year. So you know what that means. The big well known entrance ball. During this ball Elisa gives her first dance to Cordell instead of Leonel.

This night will be rough, but the drinking age is different here, so I suppose I will indulge myself to some champagne or wine.

"Ah Jody can you believe we will be roomies?" Colette smiled.

Ah yes we are in our new dorm rooms. Colette and I are luckily roommates, so maybe this year will be normal.

"It's so very exciting! These rooms are also very amazing!" I said looking around. The room had two queen sized beds with each bed being a color of our choice, which they asked us ahead of time. Colette's bed was a blue and mine a yellow. Each bed was as fancy as anyone could think. The padded bed frames, silk blankets, and the best pillows. Just looking at the bed made me tired.

Besides the beds, the room was very large with two dressers and two wardrobes. On each floor were different living areas for students to hang out. Outside there were other areas like that as well.

"So Jody what are you wearing tonight?" Colette asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I brought my attention to her who was laid out lazily on her bed.

"Just a simple yellow dress." I smiled. "Oh! And would you mind helping my with my corset when the time comes?"

"I'd be honored." Colette laughed.

"Oh pardon me, I forgot to ask what you were wearing."

"Ah it is a baby blue dress and I might need you to help me with the corset as well." Colette smiled. I nodded and we continued to sit in silence for a bit listening to the voices outside the door go farther away.

"Finally we can stop talking to proper." Colette sighed.

"Agreed! It gets very tiresome to have to constantly be so proper." I agreed.

"I am quite excited for tonight though."

"I think Edwin will love your dress."

"Oh pleaseee it's not like I'm wearing it for him. I want to attract attention from any man I can. I mean attracting attention from him wouldn't be bad either but..." She trails off.

"Colette. You're rambling." I laughed. She shoots me a quick glare.

"Well I am not betrothed to anyone so I can do 'stuff' with any guy I want." She sighed dreamily. "Though doing 'stuff' with Edwin wouldn't be bad either." She mumbled.

"Oh Colette you dirty girl!" I laughed and threw a pillow at her, only to have her catch it.

"Yes yes I knowwww. Well what about you and that third year, Dexter. Have you done 'stuff' with him?" She grins cheekily.

"Oh hell no." I fake gag.

"Language Jody!" Laughed College, "If you're to marry in the future you'll have to do 'stuff' to get an heir." She continues. I shoot her a glare as if telling her to change the subject.

"H-hey how's your baby brother doing?" Colette asks. My parents have conceived a baby boy, yes.

"Julian? Yes he is doing well." I smiled.


Time seemed to go by very quick because next thing I know I am at the dance with champagne in hand. I gave my first dance to Dexter already. I had to have a glass of wine before dancing with Dexter or I don't know how I would survive.

I sighed and dipped in my glass of champagne.

"Do you mind if I leave to dance with Edwin?" Colette asks.

"Of course I don't mind! Have fun, but not too much fun, if you know what I mean." I smiled smirking with my glass to my lips.

A few more drinks later I was feeling more than tipsy. I used to be able to hold my liquor well in my past life. Maybe I just need some air.

I wobbled my way to the balcony and that's when things got hazy.


"hmm" I groaned and rolled over in bed.

How many drinks did I have. Ugh my head is killer.

I slowly open my eyes to see and unfamiliar room. I sat up quickly holding the blanket over me. I was in my undergarments in and unfamiliar room. I turn to my left to see another sleeping figure.


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