Chapter 15

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"Oh Jody?" I turned my head and took my hands off of Simeon's face. Leon?

"Jody finally you mess around with someone else besides my fiancé!" Elisabeth cackled.

"Stop." He elbowed her lightly and brushed her off of where she was clung to, like a tic.


(POV change)

"I-It's good to see you guys again." Leon said giving a small smile. He felt a pang in his chest that he didn't fully understand why.

Jody nodded to him before turning her head, feeling Simeon's warmth grow closer. Leon looked at the sight with no reaction, so it seemed. He clenched his fists feeling another pang. Simeon wrapped his arms around Jody's waist and set his chin in the crook of her neck.

"What are you doing?" Jody whispered to him.

"You feel cool and it's nice." He hummed. His words, being right in her ear, sent shivers down her spine. Jody visibly stiffened. She quickly removed his arms from her waist. She tried to get Simeon to look up, but he refused.

"Let's go~" Elisabeth whined. Leon wasn't paying much attention. He was too busy looking at the two in front of him.

"Leonel~" She whined again, to no avail. "Leonel!" She snapped, elbowing him to get his attention.

"Huh?" He questioned snapping out of it.

"Let's go and give them some time alone." She smiled and wrapped herself around his arm. Leon looked down at her with a smile.

"Yes if my Elisa wants too." Saying 'my Elisa' came off a tad bittersweet. Elisabeth obviously didn't notice though. Before the two could make their exit, two more people entered the scene.


(POV change)

This kid was just blushing at me calling him attractive and now his face is in the crook of my neck? He is either really dense and stupid or two faced. Part of me thinks it is the dense and stupid part. Stupid is a little harsh though.

"Jody!" Colette beamed running up, pulling me off the ground into a hug. I looked behind her to see Edwin looking dejected.

"What happened?" I asked pointing that out to her.

"Oh!" She laughed rubbing the back of her neck.

"Um we went to get some yellow roses for you. To you know, repay you, but someone sat on them." She frowned and strongly emphasized someone was Edwin, by giving him the side eye.

"Edwin come over here." I command. He looks up slightly scared and shocked, but once he gets close enough. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. Colette burst into a smile and jumped in as well. Then next thing you know, for some reason Simeon joins as well.

"Aren't we going?" I hear Leon mumble moodily.

"No." Elisabeth says firmly and grabs hold of Colette dragging her out of the hug.

"Hello! Nice to meet you I am Elisabeth English!" She beamed to Colette holding her hands in hers.

"I've heard about you." Colette replies snatching her hands away, which in turn made Elisabeth's smile crack.

"Well what's your name~" She said with a twisting smile.

"Colette Stanos." She nodded coolly. Elisabeth's eyes brightened up and she beamed, grabbing Colette's hands again, but tighter.

"I have a feeling we will be best friends Colette!" She smiled. Colette continuously tried to get her hands off her but to no avail.

"I already have a best friend." Colette says emotionlessly.

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