Chapter 22

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Elizabeth's words still rang in my head as if she had just said them to me today. It's already been a day and night. I'm on the next night just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.

I rolled over and looked to the empty bed next to me. Colette...she hasn't come back yet.

I rolled to my other side and snuggled under the blankets more.

It might be just my imagination but I feel like there has been some distance between us.

I haven't had too much time to even interact with her, with my mind being all over the place.

When thinking about that, a million other thoughts flooded my head.

What's Elizabeth doing? Does she really like Leon that much?

Do both Leon and Simeon like me so much? What does my heart want?

I shook my head to rid myself of those thoughts, only to be greeted by a set of new thoughts.

I wonder how Cordell and Ivy are doing....they sure are an interesting pair.

Same with Edwin and Colette. They are opposites in ways but in the same way they are so perfect together, they seem to compliment each other perfectly.

Unfortunately I don't know too much about their relationship.

I tossed one more time, this time landing on my back.

What is Dexter doing?

I smiled a bit.

Crying I hope...maybe that was harsh of me.

Eventually I found my eyelids fluttering shut and I fell into a sleep.


I leaned back in my chair with a book in my hand. I ran my hand through my blonde hair.

"You are being really clingy you know that, right?" I shut my book and looked to the white mop of hair in the crook of my neck. Edwin was bent over behind me. He had his arms wrapped around my neck in a hugging motion.

"Don't be mean Colette, you wound me." He sighed, burrowing his face in my neck more.

He doesn't act like this in public but when it's just us he is very affectionate.

I looked around the room. It was empty, Cordell never even seemed to be there which is good, I suppose. It gave both of us more time alone. He was probably with Ivy anyways.

I turned in my seat and lifted Edwin's head. His blue eyes peered out from beneath his white hair. He pouted slightly as I readjusted my hands to cup his face.

I frowned in thought looking at him for a second. We've always been affectionate and even kissed each other a few times, but nothing has been official yet so I don't know...

"What's wrong?" He tilted his head at me. As if he snapped me from my thoughts, my heart became at ease.

"Nothing." I smiled and kissed his nose. He quickly let go of me, sending me into confusion. He stood up straight and suddenly lifted me in his arms, carrying my to the couch.

He sat first and set me on his lap, his arms wrapped around my waist and his head in the crook of my neck again.

"What are you doing?" I raised a brow and spun around slightly to face him.

"Ugh stop being so cute...." He whined and he fell into a laying position with me facing him on my side. My head was on his arm and he had his eyes clenches shut.

I smiled mischievously and burrowed my face in his chest, only for him to reply quickly by wrapping his arms around me tightly.

Ah how I love this guy, but he can't know that or he might cry. I don't know if it'd be out of happiness or out of fear, but either way I can't bring myself to make him become to such a sad state.


I made a new friend today mom! You would be happy if you were still here. She is super sweet and right now I am a little spaced out, but I think she is ranting about her fiancé. She doesn't mind that I'm a child of a shameful country Duke with not much authority of his people. She is only a daughter of a Marquess herself.

"Who's that?" She asked in reply to my reply to her question. She asked me if I fancied anyone. I wouldn't say I do, but someone did catch my eye. He had beautiful white hair, as white as snow.

I explained to her who he was and why I didn't want to approach him. It being because of his status. She quickly urged me on.

On my way there I couldn't remember what she had said to me to even get me to go in this direction of higher class people.

On my way I passed many interesting faces. The most eye catching one being that of Simeon Ritters. He's one of King Ritters sons. He doesn't talk much, but he is a looker, he's not even paying attention to those girls surrounding him.

Note: I don't know if I put him as a prince previously so I'm sorry if this left some plot holes.

Edwin himself was surrounded by girls to my dismay. How was I supposed to approach him. He looked mildly uncomfortable, so I took this moment to go and snatch him from the girls.

"There you are my fiancé!" I smiled and wrapped my arms around his. I made sure to emphasize fiancé. The girls scoffed and walked away. I quickly let go of his arm, only to find him staring at me, as if admiration.

"S-sorry!" I bowed. He's the child of the Grand Duke and I just wrapped my arms around him as if it was nothing.

Me! A country bumpkin!

"I-It's alright." He mumbled as if being shyer than I.

"Um, I am Colette Stanos. I wanted to talk to you earlier but didn't want you to feel it was only because of your title." I smiled slightly.

"I-I understand, it happens. I am Edwin Gregory." He smiled slightly, looking to the ground.

I don't know why but exactly in that moment. I knew we'd be close. Wether it was friends or more than that, I just had a feeling.

I'm so sorry for the messy chapter :(

I can't find where or even if I did mark Ivy and Simeon. So if you could tell me if I contradicted Simeon's previous standing, please do so.

Cordell is the son of a King.

Leon is son of the Emperor.

Colette is daughter of a Duke and same with Dexter.

Edwin is son of the Grand Duke.

Jody is daughter of a Marquess.

I don't know exactly how many titles there can be, so I apologize about that.

Moving on from that, I have a question for everyone. I've been getting mixed results on who Jody should end up with. From the beginning I've never had a set male lead for her and now I am even more confused on who to pick as I do not want to upset anyone.

You can help me out by choosing (if you want to) an ending!

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