Chapter 3

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"I never got a chance to thank you." I jerked my head to the voice only to be met with the ruby red eyes.

"It really wasn't a big deal." I nodded before quickly standing up.

"It was to me." He replied. We stood there in an awkward silence and I felt colder by the second though I refused to show it.

"I should go." I mumbled and started to walk off before his voice stopped me.

"You think I'm hideous too, right?" I quickly turned to look and him before walking up to the boy.

"No. I just have to go." I replied.

"Because you're scared of me." He mumbled. I sighed and looked at his shorter form before grasping his face in both of my hands and turning his face to look up at me. He was a bit shorter, but I know he will become a tall and capable young man. Too bad he will have to leave the world so early.

"No," I sighed, "In fact, they are quite pretty." I quickly let go of his face and sheepishly took a step back. "I have my reasons for leaving, and you really shouldn't concern yourself with any of them." I sighed again. The reasons? I can't get myself involved in this dark and twisted romance novel. I quickly turned my heel and began to walk off.

"Wait! What's your name?" He called after me, but I refused to turn around and continued until I got back to the table of snobby young girls. This would be the best way to avoid it, right? As long as I don't stick out...

"Oh Jody, right?" A girl my age asked. I took in her appearance and she had long perfect bleach blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

"Ah yes," I curtsied, "and you are?" I asked.

"Colette Stanos, it's a pleasure." She smiled sweetly before offering me an empty seat next to her.

"It's about time you join us Jody!" Laughed a familiar face.

"I am sorry I couldn't join sooner Ivy." I smiled in reply. Ivy Oconnel, is the ruthless villainess. She was definitely beautiful. She has long purple curly hair and purple eyes. In the story, believe it or not both Leonel and Cordell team up and ruthlessly kill her. Very dark, I know...Both characters can almost be yanderes though not very hardcore.

Ivy finally gave me a break and began chatting with her minions.

"So Colette tell me about yourself." I smiled. This girl seemed kind and easy going. Maybe, just maybe we could be friends.

"Well I am only a child of a Duke we live very secluded and I am quite a country bumpkin." She laughed before continuing. "So this is honestly the first time I have been to a big event like this. It is quite a rush."

"I agree completely. I am just a daughter of a Marquess." I looked around before standing up.

"Would you like to accompany me for a walk?" I asked. She just beamed and obliques. Once I reach the tree I've continuously sat under she sits next to me.

"I'm so glad your okay with sitting on the ground!" She smiled.

"Yes not even my fiancé will sit on the dirty ground." I sighed dramatically.

"Oh who is your fiancé? Could you point him out?" She asked. I nodded before looking around and spotting him.

"That taller pudgy kid with the arrogant aura. Son of Duke and Duchess Robinson. His name is Dexter." I said.

"I take it that you don't like him very much." She laughed lightheartedly in reply.

"It's not that I don't. It is just difficult with him. Oh, but enough about me. How about you? Do you fancy anyone?"

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