Chapter 13

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"Jody?" A voice asked. I looked up quickly to be met with a familiar pair of dark green eyes.

"Simeon?" I asked shocked, wrapping my arms around myself.

"I didn't know you went here." He commented.

"I could say the same thing." I laughed, slightly shivering. He brought his eyes down my body before widening his eyes. He looked away awkwardly and took off his jacket and put it on me. I was confused until I looked down to see my dress had become practically see through.

"Thank you..." I mumbled, wrapping myself in his large jacket. It was really warm....

"Are you a fire user?" I asked.

"Oh yeah I am..." He replied awkwardly again.

"Hey no need to be shy." I laughed. "You almost had me convinced you were a commoner the other day."

"Almost?" He asked tilting his head, adorably if I might add.

"Well you had too much poise, you spoke well, and..." I looked him up and down. "You are built well." He quickly covered his body like some school girl getting walked in on in the bathroom, which in turn made me blush.

"No no! Nothing like that! I mean you're well fed- and I'm not calling you fat either!" I said flustered and waving my hands around. He just nodded with a small blush covering his cheeks.

"Jody!" I turned to see Leon walking out way. I then feel a large hand placed on my shoulder.

"You can keep the jacket." Simeon said walking away. I watched his form disappear before snapping out of it.

"You know Simeon Ritter?" Leon asked confused.

"We are recently acquainted. Are you close with him?" I ask directing my attention to him.

"No really. He is hard to get close too."


"He's kind of aloof." He shrugged and looked at Simeon's jacket on me. He didn't seem aloof. He didn't smile, yes, but his eyes were kind.

"Why do you have his jacket?" He asked.

"Well I got in an accident in the water element room and I didn't realize that my dress had become....well you get the point. Simeon saw and was a gentleman about it." I replied. He made an hmph noise and nodded.

"Um Leon?"


"I just wanted to say that I didn't know what a red rose meant."

"I didn't think you did." He laughed.

"Yes thank you! My friends were all freaking out about it, but I told them you were smarter than that." I smiled thankfully.

(POV change)

The girl smiled and hit the boys arm playfully. She didn't sense his upset expression masked behind his smile. She isn't oblivious, but he was just good at masking his expression. He didn't know why he felt upset. He knew that it didn't mean anything, but hearing it out her mouth hurt more than he thought it would. He didn't understand it.

(POV change)

I gave hit him on the shoulder with a smile and walked away, wrapping the jacked around my cold form,tighter.

I headed back to my room immediately to change. I inspect Simeon's jacked to make sure it is clean. I know he said I can keep it, but if my fiancé gives me a surprise visit and sees this...he'd be mad. I'm not afraid of him, don't get me wrong, but i'm tired of his constant crap.

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