Chapter 18

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I sighed and leaned my head against the carriage. I have no classes this weekend. I decided to spend it home with my family. I need to talk to them anyways.

I've been meaning to do this forever, but have dreaded it. I pushed all the thoughts to the back of my head. I'm terrible at facing my problems head on. I need to finally do it.

The carriage opened and the coachman offered his knee for me to step on and his hand to grab. I held my breath and took a step out.

On one hand it felt comforting to be back at my estate. On the other, however, I dreaded what was to happen next.

I looked up, the sun shining on my face. I squinted my eyes as I neared the house. At the doorsteps, stood my parents. They smiled as they saw me approaching. I gave them a tight smile in response.

A maid was to the right of my mother, holding a parasol above her head. I forgot how much nobles care for fair skin.

"Jody! I'm so glad you came and visited!" Mother beamed, running to me and grabbing my hands in hers.

"As am I, but what is with the short notice?" Father budged in.

"Oh, right." I frown and let go of my mother's hands. "I have something to discuss with you two." I nod. They both tilted their heads at me.

"Um okay, let's go to the parlor." My mother said. I nodded and followed them both.

Once there I sat across from my parents.

"Please fetch us some tea." My father said to a maid.

"Okay s-" I started before my father held a hand up to stop me.

"Can we wait for the tea? I feel like I might dread what comes next." He sighed. That just makes me more nervous!

"Dear, I think you are freaking her out more than she already was." My mother set her hand on his arm. The maid brought back tea quickly and set the tray down on the coffee table. My father quickly picked up a cup.

"You may continue now." He nodded and took a sip of the tea.

"I-I want to annul my engagement." I took a deep breath and blurted. I heard my father spit his tea back in his cup. I looked up to see him hunched over, shaking. Is he really that upset?

"I know the engagement is good for our family b-"

"Thank the lord!" He burst up from where he was hunched over.

"Saul, show some class!" Mother frowned against her cup.

"Aw don't be like that Miranda. Are you not happy too?" He wiped his happy tears.

"Of course I am happy." She nodded. "How could I not? That kid always should I say it? Off?" She nods, setting her cup down and clenches her fist.

"I agree one hundred percent." Father sighed.

"Poor Tara and Marlin. They are such sweet people but have a shitty son." Mother sighed dramatically.

"Language Mother!" I gasped.

"Oh pardon, I mean they do have that sweet daughter of theirs." She frowned. "I wonder what happened to her." Daughter?

"W-wait! So you aren't upset?" I stutter, still confused about what is going on.

"No, of course not." My mother smiled.

"We are actually quite relieved." My father nodded in agreement. I searched both of their eyes for any signs of it being a joke, but both of their brown eyes smiled. I felt like a weight has been lifted from my chest. I was dreading this moment, but I knew someday it had to come. I pushed every thought of Dexter to the back of my head and in the process became a hypocrite.

"But..." My mother speaks up.

"But?" I jerked my head up.

"We need to contact Tara and Marlin about this to finalize it." She says. I gulp, visibly but know that this needs to be done too, one of the many things.

"Okay." I nod, firmly.

"Why do you want to annul the engagement anyways?" Father spoke. I flinched at the question, thinking of all the unpleasant times spent with him.

He seemed to see my dismay so quickly shook his head, "Never mind. As long as you are happy and comfortable, that's what matters." He smiled. I felt my heart well up at his words. My eyes even started tearing up. I don't even know why. I couldn't even stop myself when I closed the distance between them and I, hugging them.

Eventually we pulled away after I had calmed down.

"Go get some rest sweetie. You must be tired." My mother cupped my cheek.

"Yes, tomorrow we will call Tara and Marlin over to talk to them." My father continued.


That night, being back in my bed, I slept amazing. It wasn't like sleeping at the dorms. Yes, the beds at the dorms are amazingly comfortable, but mine at home always just feels different. It took all my fears away, momentarily.


"Sorry that Dexter couldn't join us." Marlin scowled slightly.

"He can be such a- never mind. Why did you call us on such short notice?" Tara asked. They both sat across from me. I was in between my parents.

"Well..." I clenched my dress. My mother continued to look ahead, but gently set her hand on mine.

"I want to annul my engagement with your son." I finally looked up and at them in their eyes. I held my gaze with their wide eyed gaze that stared back.

"That idiot son." Marlin suddenly scoffed. What?

"Gosh I knew he couldn't hold onto something even if for a bit." Tara hunched over, dejected.

"What did he do for this to happen?" Marlin asked.

I took a deep breath, "I would rather not talk of such unpleasant experiences. My interactions with him were not pleasant in anyway. Part is my fault, but we just aren't meant for each other. It was and is toxic." I finished with a shaky breath.

"I understand dear...gosh, Marlin? Are we bad parents?"

"N-no! You aren't! You were both loving for him and only wanted what's best. He chose to go down the path he is on. It is not your fault. Even with good judgement, anyone can go astray." I blurted.

"T-thank you Jody. I always really have liked you." Tara laughed.

"I think, we will agree to the annulment. We have always liked Jody, so we want what is best for her as well. I hope we can all still be on good terms?" Marlin asked.

"Yes, of course." My mother stood and walked over to Tara to give her a hug.

"Miranda, I think we should take our leave now, we will inform Dexter." Tara pulled away.

"Yes, we will escort you." My father nodded.

Just like that. It was done. Two of the three weights have been lifted. I waved as their carriage grew smaller in the distance. Even after both my parents went in, I couldn't help but feel the last lingering weight. How could I forget? The reason of this all? I still need to confront him and I have no idea what kind of reaction he will have when he finds out...

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