twelfth: yacht

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It took all my resilience to not touch myself that night.

I lay tossing and turning, my erection craving for attention. I groaned. Frustrated. I didn't want to be the one who pleasured me. I wanted his hand. His lips. His tongue. His mouth. His body.

I groaned again, shutting my eyes. I felt like my body was on fire. Defeated, I kicked off the sheets and two cold showers and an impromptu exercise session later, I had finally gained control of myself and my raging hormones.

I craved for him with an animal like hunger. The moment his lips had left mine, I had wanted to pull him back. Yearning to feel his warmth again.

I lay flat on my back, gazing up at the ceiling. I shut my eyes, whispering his name like a prayer. "Grayson..."

I loved the way his name sounded on my tongue. The former part breathy, the latter slurring. I wanted to scream it till I was sore. Till he ravaged each part of me. Till I was breathless. Till I fell off the edge of paradise into the abyss of insurmountable pleasure.

I bit my lip, turning to my side, aching. When had I become so consumed by him? When had I started yearning for him with an intensity that terrified me so?

When had I lost against the tide of feelings that kept threatening to bury me under a deluge?

I shut my eyes, biting my lower lip hard as I groaned softly.

Burn me, Grayson. Fucking burn me to ashes.


"You look really handsome. I'm glad I chose white for you."

I turned to Rosalie and gave her a small smile. I let my eyes rove over her ample chest, the tight, sexy red dress, the way her curves were accentuated by the shimmering lights of the party. "Just trying to level up to my date."

She smiled, hugging my arm and leaning forward to kiss me. "I think you're simply trying to upstage me, Waters."

I chuckled softly and pulled her close, gazing around us. Soft music played as people talked and laughed all around with drinks in their hands. Fairy lights twinkled against the raven night like golden fireflies. It looked almost mystical. The merry glitters and shimmers seemed misplaced next to my burning heart.

I was trying hard to concentrate on the party but my mind kept drifting back to Grayson.

I had never been on a yacht before. However, I could tell that this one was much more exquisite than the rest of them through whatever pictures I had seen. Even though my chest felt hollow, I could still feel the soft breeze blowing on the sea. The saline smell penetrated my senses, making me light-headed.

The wooden deck had been set up with small, round tables, each complete with elegant lily centrepieces. There was a live orchestra in a corner, playing soothing music. I gazed around with polite curiosity, my eyes searching among the many young business moguls. I knew sooner or later Reznick would personally seek Rosalie out. That would present to me my only chance to interact with him.

As if on cue, a large, beaming man walked over to us with a drink in his hand. Rosalie turned to face him, smiling politely. "Antonio!

The man walked towards us, his eyes widening slightly as they fell on me, unmistakable hunger glinting in them. Maybe he would be easier than I hoped.

Rosalie leaned towards him and kissed his cheek, her arms still wrapped possessively around mine. "Antonio, meet my really handsome and intelligent date, Mason Waters."

She gave me a dazzling smile. I nodded politely at Reznick, feeling slightly wary. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Reznick," I said. I stretched out a hand, grasping his pudgy fingers firmly. Letting them stroke the back of my hand gently, suggestively. It was a simple action, but he seemed to understand the gesture as his eyes widened.

"Thank you for coming here Rosalie, Mason," he said, nodding. His eyes glittered with a malicious need that I had come to understand well. "Please, enjoy yourselves."

He started to leave, but not before he shot me a very meaningful look that made my stomach turn. It would be easy to get to his home. The only real trouble was to stomach whatever it was that he had planned. I sighed softly.

"Mason," Rosalie said, stroking a finger down my face. I was momentarily overcome with an urge to push her away. "I'll have to go meet with some acquaintance, would you like to come?"

I took a deep breath. "I think I'll go and see what's for dinner."

She smiled and kissed the tip of my nose. "I'll be right back."

I smiled at her and watched her go to a couple of women who greeted her warmly. I sighed and made my way to where Reznick was standing, alone. I took a glass of wine from a passing waiter and approached him, smiling softly.

"I have heard quite a great deal about you, Antonio," I slurred his name softly, letting it sit gently on the tip of my tongue. I had to take advantage of this opportunity. Was he even into men? I knew it hardly mattered. Sex for people like him was often just a way to assert power and dominance. To have some struggling young guy falling into his lap would only boost his ego and hopefully leave him vulnerable under the mist of lust. 

"All good things I hope?" he asked, giving me a simpering smile that made my nerves crumble.

"Majorly," I answered. I wasn't keen on the idea of being with him on the yacht for long. We had been sailing for almost half an hour and would be reaching the destination soon. I gazed at the long counter behind him, laden with desserts. I reached for a bowl of fruits and picked up a strawberry. I sighed softly and raised an eyebrow, "Although, there have been some controversial things that I have heard."

He was smitten. I could tell. His eyes followed my every move hungrily, breathlessly, and I decided to exploit it. I dipped the strawberry in the melted chocolate. I picked it up, making sure his eyes were fixed on it. The golden lights made the chocolate glisten in an almost unearthly way. I brought it to my lips. Licking the chocolate off, slowly. Sensuously.

I gazed straight into his beady eyes which were trained on my tongue. He gasped, his eyes finally reaching mine. I smiled in victory, sucking the strawberry gently before putting it in my mouth. The sour taste burst in an explosion of flavours on my tongue.

As an added touch, I reached for the collar of my shirt with my free hand, prying it apart just an inch. My skin crawled as his eyes feasted on my defined bone.

He licked his lower lip. "What sort of things?" he spoke hoarsely, his voice choked with lust.

I leaned forward. Letting him catch a whiff of me. He took a deep breath, his breathing erratic. I lowered my voice huskily before leaning back. "I would tell you...but I fear this place might be too...public."

"I think I can fix that," he said, his eyes blazing. "Come with me after we reach the shore. Find me in half an hour."

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