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(alright so if y'all googled the coordinates, you'll see it's somewhere near Brighton. Heck, it is Brighton lol. It wasn't intentional and I maintain that this story is in a fictional world. It just so happens that all my stories tend to have a Britain inspired protagonist idk why maybe it's the accent-)

I paced around my apartment. My heart raced rapidly, my head buzzing with the newest revelation. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was ten-thirty. Still, half an hour before Rosalie arrived at the location with the money, if at all she did. I sat down on the bed, jiggling my leg in anticipation. Gray had left a few hours ago after dinner and promised to keep me posted.

I sighed and gazed at my phone which remained determinedly blank. I lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I kept thinking of the consequences. If Rosalie was caught today, that would be the end of the Atkinson Associations. Or would it? Scarlett would graduate soon. It was possible that the entire business would shift to her.

The thought of Scarlett made my heart wrench painfully. She had been nothing but nice to me, and I was going to rip her life apart. I sighed, hiding my feverish face in my hands.

The hours crawled by slowly as I tried to force myself to read. I was reading Order of The Phoenix for the fiftieth time. The words flew over my head and I found myself glancing at the clock again and again. I watched the second hand slowly travel. As if mocking me. The excruciating minutes trickled by when finally at a quarter to eleven, my phone buzzed with a notification. I reached for it, almost falling over my face onto the mattress in hurry. I checked the text notification.

Grayson: She's here. A truck is approaching

I sucked in a deep breath, my heart racing.

Xavier: who's there to take the money?

Grayson: nothing else yet

I sighed, clutching my phone tightly. I swayed to and fro, biting my lip. My racing heart refused to settle down. About a few minutes later, he texted me again.

Grayson: another car. I think this is the one. The truck stopped

A terrifying thought crossed my mind. What if she was armed? What if finding herself cornered made her fly off and become violent? I sucked in a deep breath, my fingers trembling as I typed in my response. 

Xavier: pls be careful bby

Grayson: pro ;)

I almost smiled as I looked at the text, putting my phone back down. It felt surreal that it was over. I hadn't decided about my future at Harbour City Law Enforcement. But, I knew I wanted to continue my relationship with Grayson. I had no qualifications. The only thing I was relieved about was that I did have a lot of savings which should be enough to get through university if I ever got the chance to apply.

But then what? A corporate job? For the life of me, I couldn't imagine Xavier Easton working at a multinational.

I decided not to think about something that made my head hurt and lay down on my back, playing on my phone for a while. I gazed at the clock as it struck eleven. Ten, fifteen minutes passed and my heart jumped to my throat. My stomach knotting so painfully that I felt like there were writhing worms inside it trying to claw their way out. I knew Gray had back up, but my blood ran cold. If anything happened to him, I couldn't survive.

Xavier: you ok??

The moment I pressed send, the phone rang, displaying Grayson's name on the screen. I picked up the phone, relief washing through me at the sound of his voice. 

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