BONUS Chapter: Because I Have A Writer's Block

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I feel anxious because I can't write and I can't write because I am anxious. It's a wonderful feeling :") But I hope you enjoy this little flashback when Xavier was newly recruited!

Grayson: Unofficial

"All two hundred?"

"All two hundred."

"The entire stock, intact?" I asked, incredulous.


I let out a low whistle and shook my head. I knew that the new kid had potential, but that he would be able to weave his way into a local gang enough to bust their drug cartel was beyond my imagination. Granted, it had taken him more than six months, but now it looked like it had been worth it. Black grinned at me, his eyes shining.

"I knew he wasn't a mistake."

"Might be your best recruit, even," I said still in awe.

We started making our way along the corridor and reached the meet room, the same place where I had met Easton for the first time. We entered through the door and I saw that he was sitting quietly in a corner, his signature black hoodie pulled low over his head, intent on something on his phone. He glanced up at us as we entered and once again I did a double-take at his brilliant irises.

"Xavier," Black said, beaming at him. "You did amazing."

Xavier's face was hard, making Black falter a little. His eyes flitted to mine for a moment, softening slightly before they were back on Harold and he spoke, "When can I get my payment?"

"I'll send it to your place. Would you like cheque or cash?" Black asked.

"Cash," he replied promptly, drawing a circle with the tip of his left sneaker on the floor, fidgeting nervously. Black nodded.

"Fifty thousand cash?" Black confirmed as Xavier nodded. I did a double-take, gazing at Black from the corner of my eyes.

"Alright, will do."

He started leaving the room and I trailed after him, apprehending him the moment we stepped outside.

"Fifty thousand?" I asked him in disbelief as he finally turned around to face me, raising an eyebrow. "You and I both know that he deserves much more than that. The kid risked his life for six months-"

"I am not the one deciding on this, Shelby." He shook his head, not leaving any room for a reply. "We get-"

"That's unfair, Harold," I said, feeling repulsed. "You know tha-"

"This isn't up for debate, Shelby. Let it be," he spoke firmly, turning around and leaving me in silence. I sighed, feeling a strange heaviness in my chest and turned around to go back to the meeting room. I didn't know why, but something about Xavier's hard expression was unnatural.

I stopped in my tracks when I re-entered, feeling a pang in my chest. He was leaning on his side on the metal handrest of the bench, his eyes gazing into the distance at the opposite wall. He looked sad, and somehow, it made me feel the same way.

"Xavier?" I asked softly. His eyes travelled to mine and my heart fluttered unexplainably. He seemed to come out of a trance, a soft pink blush rising up his pale cheeks, his hypnotizing eyes lighting up for just a second before they were back to normal. I tentatively walked closer to him as he sat up straight, gazing at me with an intensity that held me paralyzed somehow. "Are you okay? You seem a little...sad."

Something flashed behind his eyes.

"I'm just tired. And...hungry," he lied.

I wasn't sure what it was that he was hiding and a part of me wondered if he had injured himself in the process and refusing to tell me. Then again, there was the possibility that the entire project had taken a toll on him.

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