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Eternity's pov

After 2 weeks

It's been two weeks since I started working here at Knights Empire Industry.

I must say, I enjoyed my work here. I mean, everyone is so friendly here with me except that arrogant Aaron Knight, owner, and CEO of the Knights empire.

Avery, the receptionist whom I met on the first day, also ended up being my good friend.

So, now I have a really interesting and amazing workplace.

Well, before coming, I always buy coffee.

One for Mrs. Elle Clark and receptionist Avery and, of course, for me, it's become my daily routine

Eternity's outfit

I am wearing a black dress reaching below my thigh and wearing a white jacket above it with black boots

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I am wearing a black dress reaching below my thigh and wearing a white jacket above it with black boots. I tied my long brown hair into a ponytail.

I was just getting away from Starbucks, grabbing a packet that contained three cups of coffee.

Before I could make it towards the skyscraper of the Knight Empire,

A man in a black hoodie. His face is covered with a cap of his black hoodie.

He handed me a brown folder and said, "Keep it." He mentioned to me

"What is this?" I asked as I tilted my head quizzically.

But he spoke nothing and rapidly went aside from my way.

I stood there with a small gasp and stared at the folder.

"What was that for?" I whispered and then decided that I should open this folder when I reach the office.

I came to the Skyscraper of the Knight Empire.

Then I put a cup of coffee on Avery's desk. That receptionist ended up being my good friend.

She smiled at me. "Eter, you don't need to," she said.

"Come on, at least this I can do for my good friend," I said to her.

Then I put coffee at Mrs. Elle Clark's, head of my department office. "Thank you, dear," she said kindly to me.

I said to her with a dazed look of bewilderment because I was thinking about the brown folder in my bag which that mysterious hooded man gave me.

"What happened, dear? You seem worried," she whispered to me.

"Nothing just seems like I woke up too early," I said while glancing around the room or refusing to make eye contact with her.

Then I came into my desk. I stared at that folder; I leaned my head over my chair while chewing my lip and opened that folder.

When I opened that folder, my skin gets tingled seeing what was in it

It was confidential information about Knight Empire, my workplace, and also some very personal information about deals that are going to be cracked by our company.

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