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I am enjoying my Ice -cream smiling looking at him; he is busy on his phone suddenly

"Aaron," we heard a girl's voice........

I swung around and met a model like a very elegant and beautiful woman in long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is wearing a short dress that is barely reaching her thighs.

"Cassandra," Aaron said while stepping back little

And that Cassandra girl she jumped over him, hugging him my hands are arching to got her apart from Aaron

How dare she to touch my husband, you lizard I will rip your hands and fed to street dogs and I awfully want to whack her hard, but I restrain myself not too, the surprising thing is Aaron hugged her back with a gigantic grin spread across his face, the spoon with whom I am eating my ice cream I dipped it so hard over my ice cream making it breaking, I started hitting the spoon into ice cream while looking at them?

Just a second more, Miss. lizard you dare to stay near my husband, and you will be in the hospital.

She tore apart from him

"Cassie," Aaron said to her smiling his eyes have warmth and softness for her

Seeing both of them together I felt my nostrils getting flared
"Suddenly ice cream I am eating chocked, and I coughed hard which catches their attention

"Eternity, are you alright," Aaron said while coming towards me and encircled his hands on my back, caressing it to calm me After sometime when I stopped coughing I looked at Cassandra with a Clenched jaw

She raised and curved her brows seeing Aaron
"Who is she, Aaron," Cassandra asked him while clasping both of the hands together

Please clasp them over your face, Miss. Lizard

"Oh, she is my wife of Eternity," Aaron introduced me to her

By hearing Aaron's words she gasps with wide eyes "She is your wife, you are married,"

"Yeah," Aaron nodded

"Hi, nice to meet you," I told her smiling while laying my head over Aaron's shoulder holding him possessively

"Hey", she replied grinning while rocking my hand she grinned at me "same here," She spoke, and she hugged me next, I flinched at this

"Eternity, she is Cassandra lane," my childhood best friend

Oh, so she is his childhood friend

"So my crush is now married," She said seeing Aaron while swinging her arms

And Aaron laughed and pinched her cheeks

By seeing both of them together a foreign feeling in my heart aroused which is I don't know what

"What happened to your Eternity, you have gauze in your head and your elbow are you alright," She asked me with raised brows

"Yeah, I am amazing, just a small accident," I shrugged

"Seriously, eternity you should be careful, sweetheart," She said while tilting her head
and making strong eye contact with me

Then the waiter comes and handed ice cream dessert to me and Cassandra

"Aaron, you remember childhood how you used to feed me ice cream when we go in ice cream shop by bunking our classes," She said to him glancing at him lovingly her eyes shows pure affection for Aaron, I didn't know why, but I don't like this strange feeling

"So for the old times' sake, feed me," She said to him leaning in

Aaron glanced at me after some time, "Yeah," and he took the ice cream spoon and feed her

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