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I turned around and found a man; he is wearing black pants and a long black coat with a black cap his face is covered with a mask, I can only see his copper-colored amber eyes, the atmosphere is very dark so I can't see him properly

He seems so mysterious by his appearance,
"I came as you called me here, now tell me what is important information about my husband's safety you want to tell me," I said to him while shifting back

He pulled out a file and give that to me "It is having all that necessary information about it," He said to me handling that file, I paused when he handed me that file

"What is this," I asked while my nose-wrinkling

"Soon you will know sweetheart," He said with a faraway look

"Wait for half an hour, I will tell you everything, until then Just stand here, something is waiting," He said not looking into my eyes and I pressed my lips together

Half an hour later, I opened my mouth to ask him,
But suddenly, a bright light flashed into my face, and I jerked backward, while
covering my face and then peeking 
I hear sounds of cars,

Half an hour later, I opened my mouth to ask him, But suddenly, a bright light flashed into my face, and I jerked backward, whilecovering my face and then peeking I hear sounds of cars,

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I can see lots of black cars stop at that area of that building, then security guards and men of Aaron steeped out from that car and

Then "Bentley Flying Spur" one of the most expensive luxurious Car stops right in front of me
Aaron stepped out of the car

I Jitter my foot against the floor, while my heart is blinding so fast in my chest, making my muscles get tensed
I looked at Aaron, he shakes his head while rubbing his nose, his jaw is clenched tightly, and his face is dangerously cold

"A..... Aaron," I tried to say and touch his hand but he quickly jerked backward as I will burn him, but his cold eyes stopped at me, then the file in my hand which that stranger gives me with a scowl, he grabbed my hand and jerked me towards him, we are so near with each other, I can even hear his heartbeat

I heard someone chuckling
That stranger who calls me here and gives me that file is smirking towards us.

"I am sorry sweetheart, we are exchanging the confidential information about Knight Empire and your husband caught us," My eyes become wide at his words, I felt
this is a fucking trap he called me Burning sensation in my throat

"I will deal with you later," He gritted at me and dragged me towards his car and threw me harshly on the seat and locked the door, then he goes towards that stranger man and I can see Aaron's guards handcuffing him and taking him somewhere

After sometime Aaron comes back, in the car

I don't know what will happen now,
"A... Aaron," I touch his hand but he quickly jerked away from my hand
"Don't you dare," He said sharply and started driving

He is driving so fast and I shut my eyes tightly, I felt my stomach heaving, I flat so nauseously

"A... Aaron please let... Listen... I..... I can........ E...... Explain" I swallowed, he tightened his grip on the steering wheel even his knuckles turned white, he gritted his teeth

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