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I drew back from the pink duvet as I opened my eyes. I expose my face slowly and cautiously. I blink twice, then close my eyes and blink once more. I am blinded by rays of sunshine that pass through the window. I get out of bed, drag my feet out, and rub my knuckles into my eyes. I yawn with my arms stretched over my head. My legs hang over the off-white carpet, and I keep an eye on them.

It's not my room, I turned around.

Oh, my so-called marriage to jerk Aaron Knight comes flooding back. At my husband's home, here is my new room.

It was 8:50 p. m. when I was studying, according to the digital clock on the wall.

I slept too much.

I remind myself that my maternal grandmother is an ideal wife, and she always tells me that when I get married, I must grow into an ideal wife for my husband, but I never imagined that my life would turn into a farce and that one day I would be married to the devil, Aaron Knight, who doesn't care about people but is obsessed with his business and his wealth.

However, he is now my husband, and my grandmother has always hoped for me to be a nice and perfect wife like her, regardless of whether or not your husband loves you. I felt like I could try to give our relationship a shot to succeed.

Finally, like my maternal grandmother used to do for my grandfather, I will cook a meal for him.

I should attempt to understand him, to be the best wife for him, because perhaps he isn't who he appears to be, and there is another Aaron who is the polar opposite of this jerk Aaron.

I hurriedly took off my oversized top and shorts and stuffed them into my wardrobe.

Eternity dress

I wore a cardigan over my white flowery dress

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I wore a cardigan over my white flowery dress.

As I walked away from my room, I observed several other maids at work.

They hailed me as soon as they saw me...

I then proceeded to the kitchen, where I observed Amy slicing cucumber.

I spoke to her, "Hey Amy."

"Did you sleep well, Eternity honey?" she said.

"Yeah." I sighed as I looked around the kitchen; it's the most gorgeous kitchen I've ever seen.

She handed me coffee and said, "Here."

While sipping my coffee, I said, "Thank you, Amy."

Amy inquired, "Dear, what would you want for dinner?"

"Um, Amy," I inquired, "right now I'll cook a meal for Aaron when he gets home."

"Sir always comes home after 11 p.m.," she explained.

"All right, Amy, you can leave," I responded happily. "I'll cook dinner for him."

"All right, but you'll need my aid," she admonished, a sweet smile on her face.

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