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New York

I woke up this dawn, something is special in this dawn, this is the first time, I am feeling so different like I have someone with me

I sat up on the bed and stared at Aaron beside he is in deep sleep, I grinned when the memories of last time show up in my mind, the days I spent with him are very close to my heart

Even I Meet that adorable girl Carly she is just so amazing

Well, last night we arrive back in New York because Aaron has a business to run, indeed I am also joining my new company soon I will commence working soon

I stared at Aaron his perfectly shaved clean face, pointed jaw, beautiful nose, his hair is messy but beautiful, his dark hair everything is so attractive

He is one the most beautiful man I saw in my whole life

I come near to him, his perfectly clean shaved sharp jaws and kissable lips

I can't resist, my lips lightly touched his soft lips, warmth spread throughout my chest when his soft beautiful lips touch mine

"I love your lips," Aaron mumbled slowly opening his eyes staring at me,
smiling inwardly

My eyes become wide what I just did, I unintentionally kissed him actually while tilting his head

I quickly pulled away from him, I felt
my cheeks going lightly pink with pleasure

I glanced at him, he brought his hands behind his head and he is smirking actually

"Someone seems so bold in the early morning," He spoke still smirking at me

He comes closer to me his hot breath caresses my shoulder
"If you want I can fuck you hard here in my bed and we will have a cute baby girl like you, I will spoil her," he whispers to me

I Let out a small gasp, after hearing his words

I bit my bottom lip, trying my best to stop myself from moaning when his hand went into my thighs coming up slowly towards my stomach belly, caressing me
I tilt my head back, his touch is sending delicious sensation into my spine

"Relax, I am just kidding," he said and pulled away smiling

Before he can do more, "I must go now," I blabber looking around not looking into his eyes, and ran out from his bedroom

I closed the door of my bedroom, and placed a hand on my chest, Pulling in deep breaths and holding them before releasing them that he is doing to me

Why do I like everything about him so much, no one has this effect on me even Eliot also can't make me feel like this, which Aaron makes me feel
It's so pleasing and delicious feeling

After a shower and put a beautiful floral dress, I leave my natural wavy long brown hair opened and put only little natural makeup

After a shower and put a beautiful floral dress, I leave my natural wavy long brown hair opened and put only little natural makeup

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