chapter • three

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"Guys,I think this is a really bad idea. Korra would have told us to come with her if she wanted us to." Asami crosses her arms in front of her chest and shakes her head at the two brothers in front of her. They all push among the mass of people that walks down the metal plank of the ship, eager to set foot on land. Her words distracted Mako and Bolin as they scan the crowd for the familiar airbenders and Korra.

Mako shakes his head fervently. "Believe me, Asami. I know Korra and she is a bad liar. Something is up, I'm certain." They walk passed one of the ship's crew members, who bows before them with the traditional balled fist against flat hand. "Welcome to the Fire Nation."

They respond by making the same gesture and go along with the other passengers. Bolin was eyeing the magnificent capital of the Fire Nation with wide eyes and an opened mouth. "Wow.. wow," he exclaims giddily. He rushes forward to experience all that beauty from closeby, but his brother grabs his collar and pulls him back. "First we need to find a place to stay. Then we seek out Korra and figure out what she is hiding." "You make that sound rather simple, but how do you suggest we find her in this massive city," Asami questions with a roll of her eyes.

Mako scrapes his throat. In reality he didn't know how to find her, but there was no way he would tell Bolin or Asami that. "Well, we- we will find her once we've found somewhere to stay, alright?" He attempt to hide his blush by approaching the city, leaving behind the docks of the harbor. Asami sighs. This was a really bad idea, but she was already too far in to go back now. "Come on, Bolin," she tells the earthbender and she follows after Mako. Bolin shrugs his shoulders and joins Asami.

Once they reached inside the city the crowd of passengers that came from their ship divided, heading their own way in the city they must be somehow familiar with. They notice others that look lost as well and approach vendors on the giant market in front of them. Them pointing to their maps while in conversation brings Mako to an idea. He approaches a random person on the market, followed closely by Asami and Bolin. He taps the elderly man that was holding his crooked cane gently on his shoulder. When the man turns around, he gives them a look of grump and distaste. "What do you want," he asks in a not so friendly way. 

Mako was taken back by the hostile approach but quickly reforms himself. "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know of a decent hotel around here that has space available? We're tourists, you see." The old man eyes the three of them and raises his hands to the sky. "Ah, more of those tourists for the coronation. Great, just what this Nation needs! Well, I wish you good luck finding a place. Essentially everything is booked. Most outsiders stay with family or booked in advance. Idiots." He slaps Mako across his shoulder and shuffles away. 

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