chapter • nine

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"SOUND THE alarm, the Fire Lord is missing!"

Korra woke up to the sounds of screaming and chaos in the guest wing of the palace. She rushes to get out of bed and walks out of her room in her nightclothes. When she stepped outside she could see Mako, Bolin, Asami and Tenzin and his family do the exact same.

At the end of the hallway they see two guards arguing, who didn't seem to notice all their guests joining them in the corridor. "But where could she be," an older man yells at a young man.

Korra recognizes the older man as General Fazhou, the head of the Fire Lord's guard. She had seen him back in Republic City as part of her security detail. 

The younger guard cowers underneath the fiery gaze of the other man. "I don't know, General. I am not even sure how she managed to leave unnoticed. None of the guards posted by her chambers have seen anything."

"Well, look harder! Leave no stone unturned. We may have arrested the leaders of the rebellion, but that does not mean we have eradicated it yet." General Fazhou sends the young guard on his way and turns around, finally taking notice of the surprised looks on the royal guests.

"Pardon for the commotion. We are dealing with a slight inconvenience, which will be solved shortly. Can I show you the way to the dining hall," the general asks. He sounds calm, appearing collected. He did not want to spread panic on the missing Fire Lord, that much was clear to Korra.

She crosses her arms before her chest, arching her eyebrow up. "I can hardly think about what I want for breakfast when my friend goes missing, shortly after a group of people tried to kill her. So, tell us what is going on and maybe we can help find her."

General Fazhou tries to keep his composure, but fails moments later. He sighs in defeat. "Then please follow me as we brief the Royal Family. They have gathered in the throne room."

The general leads them through the many halls of the palace to the throne room where Iroh, Izumi and Zuko were already dressed in their normal attire and standing by the seat of the Fire Lord.

The Royal Family looks down from where they were standing. Their eyebrows are arched similarly, almost exactly the same manner. They were awaiting an answer from the guard.

General Fazhou bows his head. "My Lady, my Lords-" But Zuko raises his hand, stopping him in the middle of his sentence. "Is there news about Daiyin?"

"Still no word, my Lord. The guards are doing everything they can. But, speaking from experience, if Daiyin does not want to be found, she is usually not found."

Korra was in disbelief. She crosses her toned arms before her chest and stares at the general.

"How did this even happen? We've just squashed a rebellion in which the Fire Lord got hurt, shouldn't she be under constant observation?"

General Fazhou sighs, followed by a tired chuckle. "You've not known the princess as long as I have, Avatar. She is quite resourceful when she does not want to have her guards around her. This is not the first time she has escaped the palace."

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