chapter • one

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"Isn't life perfectly calm right now, Korra," Mako questions. They were laying in the shadows of a tree, her head resting on his chest as they relax in the warm sun. "It really is.." she mutters. She thinks back to the past two months and everything that had happened after she got her bending back and unlocked the Avatar State to a certain extent.

The City Council agreed that they should seize to exist and that there would now be a president of Republic City, a man named Raiku. How they never came to this conclusion before was crazy to the Avatar. It could have prevented a lot of issues, like this stupid revolution. Well, to some extend of course.

Korra thinks back to the days after the fall of Amon's revolution. The Arena was closed permanently as they would take the building down and build a new one. It would have no rental apartment where Bolin and Mako could stay, so they now lived on Airtemple Island until they had the yuans to rent an apartment in the city. Not that Mako was particularly unhappy by staying with his new girlfriend full time.

While the two brothers tried to find new jobs, Asami had taken over her father's company. She had stopped the production of weapons and solely focuses on vehicles and infrastructure. She didn't visit too often as she wanted to avoid seeing Mako. Their relationship was still a bit stiff when Mako had announced to be dating Korra when he and Asami hadn't officially broken up yet. It still stung by the Sato girl, but she didn't blame his poor communication on their relationship status on Korra. In fact, the two were beginning to become better friends.

"Do you still need to go to the police station this afternoon," Mako asks. She shakes her head and sighs in relief. "Thankfully not. No one has called in, so I guess slowly but certainly everyone has gotten their bending back." In the days after the Equalists' fall there was a phone number installed for benders who lost their bending to Amon.

They would be checked on their backgrounds, which basically meant that if they used bending to commit crimes that their gift wouldn't be returned, and once a week Korra would spend an afternoon at the police station to restore the bending of the innocents. Everyone was going back to how it used to be..

The firebender scrapes his throat. "Ha-Have you heard anything from Daiyin yet? It has been a while since she left and she never wrote Bolin or me.. or Asami, for all I know." The Avatar swallows a lump away. Daiyin had written once to her and Tenzin, an official invite to her coronation that was a month away from now. She could hardly say that to Mako as Daiyin was still adamant on not revealing her royal heritage.

Before Korra had to make up a lie someone approached them. It was Tenzin, holding a parchment roll in his hand. "Hey Tenzin, what do you have there," Mako asks, trying not to sound like he was weeing himself at the sight of the powerful airbender who was always watching over them. The man shows him a glare and looks at the Avatar.

"I've received a message that I like to discuss with you, Korra." "Sure," she says. She stands up from her comfortable lying position to follow Tenzin. Mako was soon to follow her, but the airbender stops him. "-And only with Korra." The firebender blushes and sits back down under the tree. "Yes, sir. See you later, Korra?" "Of course, see you!" She walks after Tenzin back into the building.

"What is going on Tenzin? Why can't Mako see the letter?" The airbender sighs deeply and hands her the roll. She rolls it out and what immediately catches her sight is the symbol of the Fire Nation on the top, but that the name it was signed with wasn't that of her firebender tutor. It was that of Fire Lord Zuko.

Her eyes scan over the message and they widen with shock. It said that a group of six masked people were able to enter the room of the princess and tried to kill her. Daiyin was able to defend herself, but she got wounded in the process. Apparently she didn't know that he had sent this letter to the Avatar. He requests for them to arrive early and find the people that want to do her harm so he can deliver them justice. 

"But who would want to harm her," Korra asks the airbender. She knows that the girl could be rude and cold, but to kill her? Tenzin releases a sigh. "It is not the first time that there are people that want to take the princess' life. When she was young there were accidents similar to this one and there were multiple attempts to kidnap her since her father died. General Iroh even sent a letter about an attack he was notified about on the ship when Daiyin travelled back for her grandmother's anniversary. She is the next Fire Lord, she is in constant danger of people that oppose her reign."

The Avatar bites her lip. "What do we do now?" Tenzin rubs his chin and sighs. "You and I have no pressing matters left in the city that need to be resolved now. I suggest us packing our belongings and going to the Fire Nation immediately." "But what do I tell my friends? Daiyin still hasn't given the green light on telling them the truth," Korra murmurs. She rubs her arm as she looks down at her feet. Why does everything have to be such a big mess again? Why did Daiyin not tell her about the assasination attempts when she was right there and prepared to listen? 

"It is your decision, Korra, but right now Daiyin needs your help. That of her friend and of the Avatar. My family and I leave tonight." He turns around and leaves the room to find Pema and his children. Korra sighs deeply. How will she ever explain this to her friends?

"So,you want to go to the Fire Nation Capital City without us? And for what," Asami asks as she tries to summarise Korra's rambling. Mako and Bolin look up to her with questioning eyes. They apparently have the same questions.

"It's because of an invite from Fire Lord Zuko. He wants us all there for the moment where he abdicates the throne. You can only come with an official invite, so I can't take you," Korra explains, feeling ecstatic about her cunning plan. This way she wouldn't have to harm Daiyin's trust in her and keep her friends friendly to her.

"Who even is the Fire Lord's heir? I didn't know he had children," Bolin asks. Asami rolls her eyes. "Did your forget we met his grandson? How could he have a grandson without having kids," she snaps. "Oh yeah." The earthbender scratches his head, feeling stupid for forgetting that General Iroh was the Fire Lord's grandson.

Mako was still looking apprehensive, not liking that his girlfriend would go away and leave him back home. He wanted to be by her side and help her and comfort her. Korra notices his gaze and grins at him. "I promise you that I will write often. Now, I really need to start packing as I'm already far behind."

She hugs everyone goodbye and they all leave her room so she can pack. Korra and the airbender family leave on the ship that they arranged, as they didn't exactly have sky bison parking lots there. The Avatar thinks back to her conversation with her friends. She felt bad for lying to them and even worse when she notices how good she was at it. Korra takes a deep breath and releases it, shaking all the bad feelings off. She did what she needed to do, nothing more and nothing less. Her friends would just have to deal with the Avatar side of this conflict and not the Korra side.

Hours later they arrived in the Fire Nation, where palace officials led them all to a hotel in the middle of Capital City. As they settled in, they didn't notice the stowaways that followed them into the heart of the city..

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