• epilogue •

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"I..I never knew you felt like this, Daiyin." 

Korra was floored by all that Daiyin explained to her. How it felt growing up being compaired to Ozai and Azula and how she felt she must be like them because it was what people expected of her. How it felt to be orphaned at a young age and live with her stepmother, whose every action of kindness was fake.

She had never understood how many threats there were at her life, especially after her father died and she was the heir apparent to the Fire Nation throne. Not even all threats came from Azina or her rebellious organisation. Some people just didn't agree with being ruled by a Fire Lord and wished for republic reforms.

Luckily most citizens of the Fire Nation loved their Royal Family and were abhorred by these organisations, which was mostly why there was no commoner that joined these groups. 

The Avatar knew that Daiyin built these walls around herself as self-preservation, but it didn't make her any less sad for her. But Korra promised herself she would do anything in her power to help the Fire Lord.

Because they are friends.

The painful conversation ended with a tight hug from Korra, which was reluctantly accepted by Daiyin. The two remained on the hillside for a little while, staring at the grass that stretched out miles beyond where they were and the sky where there was no cloud to be seen.

Soon the sun began to set and the two young women had never been as at peace as then.

Together they began making their way back to Capital City. The moment they entered the city walls they were greeted by civilians. They were cheering for their Fire Lord and her victory over the rebels. They bowed for her and sang her praises all the way to the stairs before the palace.

Korra got to see a whole new side to her friend. The only reason it was already dark outside the moment they reached the stairs to the palace because of how much they stopped. Daiyin bowed for her people, made conversations with them and accepted their gifts with much gratitude. 

When they finally reached the throne room the people inside fell silent. Not only were her family and their personal guests there, but also a few councilmen of Zuko's old council. Zuko and Izumi rise from their seats first, followed suit by the others.

"Daiyin," Zuko exclaims. The Fire Lord quickens her pace and steps into her grandfather's inviting arms. The older man hugs her tightly. "We were so worried," he says, sighing deeply in relief as he was now holding his granddaughter.

"I am sorry for worrying you, grandfather. It was not my intention. But I had a few things I needed to figure out on my own." She separates from her grandfather, only to be engulfed by the arms of her aunt. "And, have you figured it out," Izumi asks, taking a step backwards to overlook her niece with her scrutinizing gaze.

"I have, with the help of some old spirits," Daiyin says. Her aunt wonders what she was talking about but didn't bother questioning it. If it helped Daiyin find her way and deal with her inner struggles she was alright with it. 

Daiyin strides towards the throne and takes a seat.

"As the new Fire Lord I have to appoint members to my council. Men and women who shall lead our nation into another age of prosperity and productivity. They who will make the harsh decisions when needed to and give their lives and knowledge for this land-"

Daiyin stares at the men and women in the room. They all were eagerly listening to her. 

"My first proclamation as Fire Lord is to name my grandfather, Lord Zuko, as my right hand advisor. The second is naming my aunt, Princess Izumi, as member of the council. In case of my grandfather's passing she will take on the role of main advisor."

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