chapter • two

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"How does it feel to be back home, Your Highness," Mizu looks at her mistress as her hands work to make the bed. The Crown Princess was seated by her vanity with a large, gold ornated mirror mounted on it. Her amber eyes were focused on her pale skin as she was spreading a light tinted cream over the bruise on her cheek, a remainder of the latest attempt on taking her life just a few days ago. It was kept under tight wraps. Not even the servants knew of the incident and Daiyin claimed the bruise to come from an intense training session.

Daiyin glances at the elderly maid through the mirror and lifts the corner of her lip in a half-hearted smile. "It feels well to be back amongst people of my own kind. Republic City can be barbaric at some times." She finishes the cream off with a powder to give it the same shade as her skin. You'd have to look very close to see that there was something going on. Daiyin picks a beautiful hairbrush with a heavily decorated golden handgrip on it. She let the soft pins rub over her scalp and through her sleek black hair, taking out any knots. The princess then takes a few strands of hair and forms a tight bun on top of her head. From a small chest in the corner of her vanity she takes the crown of the Crown Princess, which would be exchanged with the crown of the Fire Lord one month from now on her birthday.

"Are you excited to be crowned Fire Lord soon," Mizu inquires further. She was always a bubbly and bright servant, lighting up everyone's spirit. She had been with the Crown Princess for as long as the younger girl would remember. Daiyin straightens her back and forces her shield of indifference to rise. "From the very moment I first breathed air I've known that I was going to become the Fire Lord one day and be trained to do so. It's not a big deal, but just.. earlier than anyone had expected." She puts the crown into her bun and perfects her look. 

When Daiyin was born, she was second in line to inherit the Fire Nation throne, the first being her father Kazuo. When she was seven, her mother died. Daiyin remembers her funeral still clear as day. Her father tried to shield her from everything, but couldn't prevent that details would leak to the princess. Her father was a downright wreck after the death of Sakura and found comfort with some lady from the country side of the Fire Nation. From then on, Lady Azina had been a bane in Daiyin's excistence.

It was no secret that the two didn't get along, not even then. The princess thought of Lady Azina as a profiteer and deceptive, seeing she started pampering on her father just shortly after her mother died. Unfortunately, she couldn't prevent her father from marrying her barely a year later. Neither could his family, though Fire Lord Zuko delivered one jab in their direction to show his displeasure by prohibiting Lady Azina to take the title of princess. It caused a big argument between father and son and eventually between Kazuo and Izumi as well, seeing the latter agreed with her father on this decision. However, Kazuo realized as well that his father was the Fire Lord and that he did need to obey his words. 

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