chapter • five

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Korra  was back into the arena with her friends, training for the upcoming tournament. They were each practicing their moves and attacks on each other. The Avatar felt like she could move more freely without the constant burning eyes of her teacher, who would sit against the wall to stare at them or meditate. Mostly the latter.

A few days before, Daiyin had left Republic City to attend the death anniversary of her grandmother Mai. Korra knows how much Daiyin despises to be back there as it would mean she had to interact with her stepmother, Lady Azina. The Avatar didn't know what the woman has done to deserve this anger and hatred, but apparently everyone in the family hates her.

Her tutor would be back tomorrow, so she has to enjoy the freedom she has now.

The Fire Ferrets got into a team huddle and discuss the upcoming match, which would be big for their career. They all knew they hadn't been a team for very long, but they had a great feeling about this.. and some had a great deal of feelings for their fellow teammates. Just when they declared to be ready, Asami came in to take Mako on their lunch date and to show the new uniforms. Korra soon had enough and leaves the arena to go back to Airtemple Island.

It was evening and Mako was preparing dinner for Bolin and him in their little appartment above the arena. They had been talking about Asami and Korra, whom Bolin wanted to ask for a date. Mako tried to talk him out of it, but his reasons weren't clear, even for himself. To get off the subject, he brings up another. "Do you know where Daiyin went? She hasn't been to any trainings as of lately," he asks.

"Seriously, Mako, leave some girls for the rest of us," Bolin exclaims as he tries to wash Pabu in a bucket. "Besides, didn't she have a boyfriend? She went on a date with him a few weeks ago-" The firebender rolls his eyes in frustration. "I am not interested in Daiyin. I'm with Asami! I was just asking because I was.. worried?"

Bolin winks at him, obviously not believing him. "Well, a few days ago Korra said she was visiting family. You probably wouldn't know as you were having another date with your girlfriend. Not that Daiyin would be bothered if you knew or not." He goes back to his task while Mako was feeling strange. It wasn't possible to feel such strong.. emotions.. about so much people at the same time..

Is it?

The  ship arrives at the docks of Airtemple Island, proudly showing off the flag of the Fire Nation. At least every ship coming from their nation has one aboard and usually sail with it. All the airnomads and the Avatar await the arrival of the Crown Princess on Airtemple Island.

Once the ship halts and the walking board was put down, Daiyin walked down. Avatar Korra has never seen her so Fire Nationish. She was wearing royal robes and the crown of the Crown Princess around her bun. Her lips were painted a fiery red, but her mouth was shaped in a stiff line.

Without saying a word she walks past them towards the buildings. She even shoved her shoulder against someone who stood in her way. Everyone looks at the woman in shock. Never have they seen Daiyin so angry and frustrated. Tenzin sees the captain walk down the board too and approaches him with his family and Korra.

"What happened to Her Highness," he questions. The captain blushes and looks down. "I am sorry, but Her Highness forbid me to speak of it to anyone. I-I need to go." That said, the man goes back onto the ship and hastily leaves the island.

And so, Korra was worried and confused about her relationships. Not only was she worried about her tutor and, as she liked to call her, friend, but also about Mako and her developing feelings for the moody firebender. He was with Asami and she was gorgeous and rich. She had nothing but a stupid title that she can not make true.

Then, she made a grave mistake. She had listened to Pema's advice and decided on telling Mako about her feelings, but he didn't return them. This tension caused them to almost loose to the Boar-Q-Pines, if not for Bolin. Then, after she went an evening out with Bolin, Korra and Mako kissed in the Arena. What they didn't know was that Bolin was watching, heartbroken at seeing the girl he liked kissing his brother, who seemingly got everything he wanted.

They almost fell out the competition because of their bad match against the Buzzard Wasps, but luckily Korra was able to make a headtrick. Bolin was badly hurt, but Korra was able to heal him with the healing power she has learned from Katara.

She could say it had been a long day when she stumbled over the island, aching to feel her soft mattrass against her skin. Korra was about to go to the female building when she notices a shadow in the pavillion. She walks towards it, thinking it would be Tenzin, but it was not.

It was Daiyin, sitting in the direction of the sea and meditating. Her crown was gone, which was to be expected with the girl. The Avatar slowly approaches her teacher, but it didn't go unnoticed.

"Good evening, Korra."

The Avatar chuckles. "Evening? More like midnight." She sits down in the meditation position next to Daiyin and looks her over. She might seem fine to people who don't know her, but Korra sees that something is wrong with her. "You look like you haven't slept for days.."

She takes a deep breath, trying to find the courage to ask her what had been on her mind. "How did it go?"

Daiyin opens her eyes and looks at Korra. Her eyes hold a blank, cold look, but the Avatar knows that there are so much unspoken emotions in her gaze right now. "Don't ask me that question again, Korra. I ask you, don't." The princess stands up and walks off. Korra watches her leave, but she feels nervous.

What has happened while she was gone?

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