chapter • one

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Chapter  OneWelcome  to  Republic  City

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Chapter  One
Welcome  to  Republic  City

She  jumps up and kicks into the air, sending waves of fire towards her opponent. He tried to block it, but her powerful attack blast him backwards. The opponent soon regains steady feet, but so does the young Avatar. She stands a few metres away from them in her fighting stance.

"When they are with multiples, they almost always use their powers together. It is the most logical approach. Be prepared for that." The voice inside Korra's head tells her, the voice of her trainer. That was exactly what the two men were going to do too. Together they blast fire at her, but the Avatar easily blocks the attack and dissolves the flames into nothing.

She waits until they attack and dodges all their moves with the elegance and grace that she tries to copy from her tutor. Her goal was to come near enough for another attack while remaining unscorched by her opponents. One of the men jumps up and kicks a ring of fire in her direction, but she slides under him and taps his feet. It was just enough to bring him out of balance and to stop the coordinated attack. 

Then the man before her attacked while the other came from behind. She kicks backwards to shove him off his feet while punching blasts of fire towards her first attacker. The first attacker falls down, but the second one didn't give up yet. He tries to battle Korra, but she blocks his fire by a kick of her leg and quickly shoots fire his direction. Immediately, she turns around and does the same to the first attacker. 

Korra balls her fists and punches them forward together, knocking the first attacker into the air. He landed on the roof of the corridor from where her Master Katara and Master Daiyin were watching, together with the three men of the White Lotus. "She's strong," Katara says out loud, proud of her former student. "She lacks restraint," the Great Lotus retorts, sounding a little frustrated. Daiyin adds into that. "Besides, she is rather failing on the spiritual part of firebending."

The only opponent left runs towards Korra, blasting fire at her in a continuous stream. The Avatar, however, dives right into it. She steps over the man, using him as a springboard to jump up. In the middle of her jump she turns around and uses her stretched arms to send a gigantic stream of flames in the poor man's direction. He was knocked down to his feet, barely able to move. Korra yells in excitement and was rather confused at seeing her masters do none of the sort. They didn't even smile.

"Hey, why all the dooming gloom, people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go!" Daiyin stares at her student with no sense of emotion in her eyes. She has learned a long time ago that she has no time for that sort of thing. "You're getting ahead of yourself, as usual, Korra. We haven't decided if you passed your firebending test yet." "Ever since you were a little girl, you've excelled at the physical side of bending, but completely ignored the spiritual side."

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