chapter • six

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Chapter SixLady Azina

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Chapter Six
Lady Azina

A LOOK of disgust was plastered and stuck on Daiyin's face when the doors of the throne room opened. None of the members of the Royal Family seemed pleased while their guests, who had followed them from the dining area to the throne room, were just very confused. Daiyin had never spoken fondly of her stepmother and her grandfather, aunt and nephew were not exactly positive either.

But when a chirpy, bright-smiled woman entered the hall and immediately reached out to hug everyone, they were stunned. By the way they acted they had expected a cold hearted woman, closer to a monster than a human. Why did the Royal Family dislike this short-statured and enthusiastic person so much?

"My child, how much you have grown in these past few months. It makes me aware of how little I see you," Lady Azina proclaims. She reaches out to pull Daiyin into a warm embrace, but the princess takes a defiant step backwards. It caused the woman to wrap around the air and stumble, but she fixed herself with grace and an even wider smile.

Daiyin didn't have any emotion on her face except badly hidden disgust. She curls up her lip in a snarl. Her amber eyes were narrowed on the woman. "That was intentional," she responds bluntly.

Korra glances towards Fire Lord Zuko and his daughter, Lady Izumi. Normally they would scold Daiyin for any rude or inappropriate behaviour, but this time they said nothing. What had she done to deserve all this hate, the Avatar wonders.

After being rejected by her family by marriage she turns to the guests. "I am deeply apologetic to have interrupted your visit, Avatar Korra, Master Tenzin. But I couldn't resist meeting up with my darling daughter-" Daiyin's head snaps sideways. Her eyes were ablaze when she glances at the woman.

"Step-daughter. You were never my mother and you will never be her," she says, her voice surprisingly cold for a firebender and filled to the brim with venom. "O-of course, my darling. I would never dare compare myself to Her Highness, the honourable Princess Sakura. Lords and fire rest her soul." Her voice had a slight stutter to it and her brown eyes had widened when speaking to her step-daughter. It was almost as if she was afraid of Daiyin.

Korra didn't know who to side with anymore. She looks at the others, but they seemed as conflicted as her. She remains silent and watches as Lady Azina curtesies before announcing her leave. The woman seems to float on air as she gracefully exits the throne room.

A collective annoyed sigh leaves the mouths of the Royal Family members as the doors close behind the woman. "I can't stand her," Daiyin grumbles furiously. She balls her fist tightly, a curt flash of fire escaping the small gaps her fingers left. Fire Lord Zuko lays a hand on her shoulder and squeezes it. "We know, my child. However, we need to bear her presence until your coronation."

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