chapter • eight

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The  guard of Daiyin searched the whole night for the princess with the airnomads and Tenzin, but to no avail. Korra wanted to go with them on their next round, but Tenzin forbid her. The man said that she should stay on the island and rest after the exhausting night at the secret factory of Hiroshi Sato.

Fire Lord Zuko arrived on a fast ship anonymously, approximately an hour before Korra's friends came. The ship left after dropping their lord off so he wouldn't grab unwanted attention. He bowed before the Avatar and the councilman, but his usual gentle smile had disappeared and turned into a worried frown. "Is there any news?" The two sadly shake their heads, causing the man to sigh. "I worry about her. She is strong, yes, but even tied up she has her limits."

"We will find her, Lord Zuko. I promise," Korra promises, just wishing that her promise would come true. The Fire Lord was led to one of the guest rooms in the main building to keep him separate from the Avatar's friends. She welcomes them with the airbender kids and leads them to their respective buildings.

When everyone was settled, it was time for lunch. They eat together before Tenzin and Korra would head out to Chief Saikon's installment, but then one of the air acolytes rushes in. He was completely breathless. "Master Tenzin, we found her!"

Chaos errupts. Everyone asks questions over each other. Tenzin's voice sounds above them all when he tells the acolyte to follow him to a different room. Only Pema and the Avatar were allowed to follow, which caused the other teens to sit around the table grumpily in wait of news about the missing girl. Though she was rather harsh, rude and surprisingly cold for a firebender, they still miss her constant presence.

Pema, Korra and the airnomad follow Tenzin to the guest room. "Lord Zuko, there is news. May we come in?" They hear the elderly man reply. "Come in." The group finds Zuko sitting on his bed, a picture in his hand. Korra notices that it was a family portrait. Everyone was on there: Daiyin and her parents, Iroh and his parents, Mai and, of course, Zuko himself.

"What happened? Did you find her?" The acolyte nods quickly. "She is with the others of my search party now. They will bring her here on your command, Master Tenzin." He looks with expecting eyes at the airbender. "How is she," Zuko questions. The acolyte was hesitant to tell the truth, but after an encouraging nod from Tenzin and Pema he starts talking.

"Technically we didn't find her. She found us. We were just patrolling the streets when she appeared around a corner and stumbled our way. We caught her before she fell on the ground, completely exhausted and unconscious. She.. she seems bad, Lord Zuko." They all share worried glances with each other. Tenzin orders the acolyte to bring Daiyin and place her in her room. Unfortunately they had to go to Saikon's installment, so they couldn't see Daiyin returning home.

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