chapter • five

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Chapter FiveBreath of Revelation

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Chapter Five
Breath of Revelation


The firebender stands frozen in the middle of the bedroom, her eyes trained on the three invaders. Her eyes were slightly widened in confusion and visible surprise. Until they narrowed into a surprisingly cold glare for someone who could bend fire to her will and pressed her red lips into a stiff line.

"How did you three even get in here," she snarls venomously. "We could ask the same thing about you," Mako retorts, though he was not as fierce as the woman in front of him. Daiyin crosses her arms in front of her. One perfectly carved eyebrow raises as she responds in a sassy manner. "Well, I have permission to be in here since my family serves the Royal Family. But I believe I was the one to ask the questions and not you."

Asami opens her mouth in order to explain themselves when the doors to the bedroom were thrown open harshly. Three palace guards storm inside with fire crackling in the palm of their hands. Their eyes remain on Daiyin and the one in the front speaks up. "We heard yelling, Your Highness. Is everything alright in here?"

The three glance from the guards back to Daiyin. She smoothens out the wrinkles in her forehead with her thumb and index finger. "You three are absolute idiots," she mumbles below her breath, dropping her hand again with a sigh. "Thank you so very much for immediately dismissing what I just told them."

The guards look guilty as their gaze shifts between their frustrated future Fire Lord and the three intruders. Daiyin waves her hand as if she just swatted away an irritating fly. "You three.. just leave." They all hesitate to follow her command, standing still and looking around at each other. One guard was brave enough to open his mouth. "But your Highness, they might-" "I would have their necks broken twice before they could lift a finger to hurt me, Azen. And I told you to leave, or do we no longer take orders from the Crown Princess around here," she asks calmly, but her voice was filled to the brim with venom. The guard named Azen nods quickly and they all quickly leave the room.

Now Daiyin was free to glare at the three intruders again. Bolin gulps at the dark look, Asami didn't know what to do with herself and Mako unconsciously scans the room for emergency exits. "Now.. where were we. Oh, yes. The part where you three explain what right you have to sneak into my chambers."

"Technically, we didn't know they were yours," Bolin says in defense. Daiyin shoots him a look that was very telling. "Don't start talking if it is only nonsense coming out of your mouth, Bolin," she warns him, her heated eyes now resting on the poor earthbender. Bolin gulps and nods quickly. "Got it, Your Highness," he mumbles and he takes a step back.

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