chapter • three

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When the Fire Ferrets discovered that they had to pay 30,00 yuans to be able to participate in the competition, and that before the end of the week, they were shocked. The two boys would never be able to come up with so much money and Korra didn't have so much as an allowance because the White Lotus took care of her needs. While their heads start to rattle by thinking so hard, a possible answer enters the gym.

"Daiyin!" Korra yells in excitement as she sprints towards her firebender teacher. The girl was surprised and frowns at her student's excessive yelling while the two boys had to grasp their jaws from the floor at seeing what she was wearing.

It was a combination of a tight skirt that reaches to her mid-thigh, a tight bodice with long sleeves and open shoulders with a slight turtle neck and knee high boots with a high heel and suspenders around her thigh, just beneath the skirt. All of the material was made from bloodred leather. Her hair was partially pinned up with a golden headpiece, allowing a wave of black hair to fall down her back straight.

"Daiyin, you know we very much like you, you know," Korra stutters as she tries to appease enough to the girl to give them what they need. The princess sighs. "What is it you want and why don't you ask the White Lotus to pay it for you?" The watertribe girl bites her lip at seeing the negative response, but it doesn't make her give up on trying. "Well, I know you have quite the amount of yuans in your vault and I was wondering if you could-" Korra's voice lowers into a frightful whisper, "- give us the 30,000 yuans so we can join the competition?"

The firebender narrows her eyes and rests her golden painted nails on the base of her neck, almost as if she was strangling herself, but Korra knows that it was her pose if she was thinking about something. "I will only give you 7,500 yuans max."

The two probenders sigh in relief, but Korra wasn't as easily pleased. "Why don't you give the whole budget? I know you're loaded and that you wouldn't even blink an eye for 30,000 yuans, so why not?" Daiyin narrows her eyes on the Avatar, who realises she might have gone a little too far. "Because of multiple reasons, Korra. First, I am not going to just hand you all the money and say goodbye. I am not here to make you a brat! Secondly, that vault is not entirely mine. It is also my grandfather's, my aunt's and my cousin's. My dynasty has worked hard to earn that money and so we'll spent it wisely and in moderation."

Mako and Bolin learned so much more about this mysterious angry firebender in just those sentences. Apparently she was very rich, probably because of her family. Maybe the family member of some rich investor. Maybe the parents were rich, but she didn't name them in her rant so Mako thinks they are either distant from each other.. or they aren't alive.

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