chapter • seven

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Due  to the Arena being destroyed after Amon's attack, Bolin and Mako were evicted from their home. This put them in a difficult predicament, as they had no money to rent something else. To help them, Korra had begged Tenzin's permission to let them stay on the island. He wasn't too enthusiastic, but he would not close his door for two souls in need. Yet, when the Avatar was about to tell them the good news, they revealed that they had arranged for them to stay at Asami's mansion.

Of course, Asami, Korra thinks as she marches back to the ladies' building of Airtemple Island. Her bad mood was quickly noticed by Daiyin, who leans over the fence with a smirk on her face. "What crawled up your ass and died there a few weeks ago, Avatar?"

"Not in the mood, Master Daiyin," she snarls. The princess let her facial expression fade away. The Avatar had always used her title as her master or tutor in a honourable way. Seeing her not do such a thing made her wary. Her mind was rattling, but due to her ability to hide her emotions nobody would ever know. Should she react on Korra now, or leave her alone? She was so used to shutting out emotions for others than her family that she didn't know how to handle the feelings of others anymore. Her usual approach would be making a snide remark or walk away. There was something about this situation that made her decide against that.

So, the firebender speaks up. "Do you want to spar? It's been a while since you practiced firebending, especially in the traditional fashion." Korra looks up in surprise. Never had Daiyin offered to do such a thing if not necessary for her training. She wondered for a short while what changed her mind, but decided to take the opportunity that was given to her. "Yeah, sure."

The raven haired girl nods curtly. "Well then. Change into your fighting gear and see if I can still easily beat you." She turns around. Korra was laughing softly, but it was hard enough for the firebender to hear. Somehow, that sound made the Fire Nation Princess lift the corner of her lips.

A few minutes later the two benders were on the training field. A few airnomads, including the airbender kids and the heavily pregnant Pema, stand around the fence that separates the field from the open, outside corridors. Korra was dressed in her usual watertribe outfit, which gave her all the mobility she needs to properly bend, while Daiyin was wearing a pair of long, tight dark pants that were tucked into her stiff boots, a red top with long sleeves and a black, stiff, armless tunic with a bloodred ribbon to accentuate her waist. Her long hair was bound in a ponytail with two locks freed to frame her narrow face.

The two bow before each other. Then, they get into their positions. Their eyes meet, water meeting fire. They await each others movements, searching for weak spots in each others defense techniques. Daiyin balls her fist and balances on the front of her feet. This enabled her to quickly move around and escape her opponent's attacks.

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