chapter • ten

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After two  hours of sleep Daiyin, and Korra too, were alright. They were all eating together, but the firebender had no appetite. Her grandfather had announced his return to the Fire Nation to her when she woke up. In less than an hour she would miss him again, the man she came to see more like a father than a grandfather when she grew up.

Korra tells how she was taken and put into a platinum box, how she started to meditate on her visions of Aang like Tenzin told her to and found out about Yakone, how she came to know that Tarrlok was the son of Yakone and that Amon captured him and took his bending. She mentions how she escaped his clutches and that Naga found her in the woods.

Daiyin stands up abruptly. "Tenzin, would you excuse me?" "But you haven't eaten anything yet," Pema says on her way to the kitchen. She stops behind the girl and studies her up and down. "You've grown thinner. A little more and it is unhealthy." Her husband nods his head. "I agree. You must finish your bowl of rice before you leave this table."

The girl narrows her eyes at him with a cold glare, but she lost the battle and eats a little rice. She feels her stomach turning around and Tenzin noticed that she looked sick. Even though she only had barely the half of the bowl, he let her go. If she ate more it would all come out anyway and that will do no good to anyone.

She heads back into her room and slips into a black leather skirt with high boots and a tight shirt with long sleeves of the same colour. Her eyes, the bright red lips and a necklace with the fire emblem give  colour to her outfit. Daiyin knocks on her grandfather's bedroom door and sees him packing. "Can I assist you?"

Zuko looks up at his granddaughter, looking so mature yet completely different from the normal clothing of the Fire Nation. "I'm almost finished. Besides, you don't find me that old, do you?" "Maybe," she jokes. The princess closes the door behind her and hugs Zuko. "I will miss you. Say hi from me to Izumi and Iroh."

The Fire Lord looks her into the eyes and smiles. "Within a few months from now you will be eighteen years old. Then you will take the throne from me and rule the Fire Nation by yourself. You can see Izumi and me every day." The princess lightens up at the thought of her aunt. It's been so long since the last time they spoke to each other in person. But then her mood falters.

"But what if Korra hasn't mastered the spiritul side of all bending techniques yet? Then I need to stay and help-" Zuko strokes her left cheek gently. "You are not forced to do anything." He straightens himself and grabs his suitcase. "I must go now, the ship has arrived." Her grandfather pecks her on the head. "I love you with all my heart." A pearly tear rolls over the cheek of the princess at this goodbye that came way too soon.

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