chapter • twelve

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The  four  of them headed on the back of Naga to the mountain side. A plane flies above their heads, signalling that they were on the good track. A few miles before them they could see them circling around their field. They get off the polarboardog and look down from the hill on the landing strip.

"I think we found our secret airfield. Bolin, once we get down there, I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircrafts take off," General Iroh instructs. Bolin salutes him. "Aye, aye, Captain. Oh, General." The earthbender commands Naga and Pabu to stay behind, so the polarbeardog lays down on the snow with Pabu resting between her ears. The two didn't agree, but listen.. for now.

They get off the hill and approach the fence, which strangely only had fence posts. The group found out soon enough when they get elektrocuted and fall down with their faces in the snow, all unconscious. 

A few hours later Daiyin woke up with a loud groan. She tries to move her limbs but finds that she was bound with rope, back to back with someone else. The princess tugs harshly against her restraints, causing her wrist to bleed. Why weren't they getting loose?

A hand finds hers and squeezes the pale skin. "Stop it, you're only hurting yourself." It was her cousin. They couldn't look at each other because of how they were tied, but she felt comforted by knowing that he was there. Her eyes wander off to search her surroundings. They were in a prison cell with metal bars. Unfortunately, Bolin was unable to bend metal as far as she knew. They were stuck.

Someone's shadow was cast over her. When she looks up she sees Hiroshi Sato standing before their cell, looking at his daughter that lays bound on the floor. Asami wakes up from hearing her name and sits up to face her father. "Asami, I know I've hurt you and I'm sorry, but I believe that, one day, you will come to your senses and we can be a family again."

"Are you insane?" Asami spits out at him. "How can we be a family after everything you've done? Mom would hate you for what you've become." Hiroshi grasps the bars and starts to yell. "How dare you? I am avenging her death." An Equalist walks up from behind him to let him know that the planes are ready to take off. Sato orders them to annihilate the fleet, much to everyone's shock.

"That's right, general. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know exactly where they're hiding." With that Hiroshi walks away to lead his men to the destruction of so many innocent United Forces' lives. "And I thought we had a dysfunctional family," Daiyin mutters beneath her breath. Iroh sighs and hardens his eyes. "Apparently family issues are of all places."

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