chapter • two

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The  Avatar's very first training was with the airbending gates. Tenzin explained that to get to the other side you needed to be like a leaf in the wind. Being able to redirect yourself at any given moment, even when you hit an obstacle. The girl went head in first under the eyes of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Tenzin and Daiyin. As was expected, Korra did poorly. She went right in but bumped into every panel she could. The device then knocked her out of it, seemingly having enough of her incompetence.

Daiyin should praise her for trying it again, if it did not look so pathetic. The princess shakes with her hand on her forehead. Tenzin too shakes his head and releases a sigh. Korra looks up with hard eyes at the princess when she sees her shake her head. "Don't look so smug, as if you can do it," she exclaims with anger and a little bit of embarrasment. The girl raises her eyebrow and the corner of her lip curls up with a smirk. "Tenzin, if you would please."

The airbender thought that it might be bad motivation for Korra to see her firebending master do this and maybe succeed, but she deserved a fair chance to prove herself for the Avatar. After all, maybe Korra's embarrasment would be perfect motivation for her to do better in the future. So, he bend the air and the panels begin spinning once more. Daiyin walks onto the platform and cracks her knuckles. Then she stands in bending position and begins to gracefully enter the labyrinth. The Avatar was gaping at Daiyin, who twisted and turned through the whole machine with ease and never hit anything. It was a big dent in her ego and the Avatar storms off angrily.

The princess left the labyrinth with an elegant turn and a satisfied smirk. Tenzin surely was impressed, but didn't say a word. "If you allow me, Master Tenzin, I would like to retire to my room. Call me if you need to keep Korra in check. I've experienced that can be.. quite a challenge." The airbender nods his head speechlessly and the girl walks passed them back to the ladies' building.

Late  that evening Korra snuck out of the ladies' building and passed the White Lotus sentries with ease. She thought she had escaped the island and took a dive into the water without being noticed. She almost did, but one person saw her through her window. Daiyin.

"I am seriously thinking of going back to the Fire Nation right now," the princess sighs, but she turns around and leaves the building. The White Lotus did not even ask where she was going as it was none of their concern. Daiyin walks to the docks and rockets herself into the air by using her firebending. She goes straight to her goal, the place she knew the Avatar must be. After all, she couldn't stop talking about probending and wanting to see a match when she would be in Republic City. That was where she must be: the Probending Arena. Daiyin arrived there before the Avatar did and she awaited by the most logical entrance from the island's perspective.

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