chapter • eleven

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Republic  City  has finally fallen into the hands of Amon. Hiroshi Sato was speeching about his great victory, how even the United Forces will be unable to stop them and that Amon had sent the Avatar on the run. Korra was frustrated with not being able to do anything but sit back and observe for these past few days. She can not wait much longer for Daiyin's cousin to arrive, or else she will go insane.

They stayed in the sewers with the hobo that Korra met in her first few hours into town and his friends. Asami and Mako were tense with each other and the latter was obviously being more attracted to the Avatar than to his current girlfriend. Just a little before bedtime Korra was searching out the princess. They hadn't really interacted much since the attack on Airtemple Island and their relationship was already quite strained. It was just difficult to work with someone who kept all her emotions hidden away when you yourself were quite temperamental.

Of course the princess was meditating. Korra sits down beside her in silence, knowing that the princess knew of her presence. "What is on your mind, Korra," she asks without opening her eyes. "I already know I won't be able to sleep. Tomorrow your cousin will arrive, we will fight Amon.. but what if we will be too late? What if we aren't strong enough to defeat them?" Daiyin snorts.

"If a group of five teenagers is able to defeat my insane great aunt and my dictatorial, evil great grandfather, why shouldn't we be able to fight this measly idealist with sparkly gloves?" Korra puffs out some air. "You act as if this is so simple, but it is not. At least Aang had all the elements under his control someway when he defeated the Fire Lord. And me? I can't even produce a breeze!" The princess opens her eyes and breathes in and out. "My grandfather once told me that we are able of the most impossible things when we are driven to the point of needing them to be possible. Look at Toph Beifong: to escape her metal prison, she invented a whole new style of bending."

Korra nods her head and slumps against the wall. "I can not imagine it's been less than a year since I left the South Pole. I'm already entwined in a war." Daiyin shows her the littlest smile. "Then it was apparently needed for you to be here. I trust in you, Korra. Together we can defeat Amon." The Avatar nods her head. It was silent for a few seconds when Daiyin suddenly feels a heavy weight on her. The watertribe girl was hugging her tightly and the princess could not resist to hug back. One time won't matter, would it?

The  next day they all wait on the docks for the United Forces to arrive. When they did, they weren't met with any resistance from the Equalists. It was strange, both the general and Korra thought. They knew that the United Forces were coming, so why not prepare for their arrival? It was all explained when suddenly mines started to explode, breaking the ships and sinking them. 

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