chapter • four

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It  had been a long day after Amon's dangerous revelation. This only supported Korra to train more and harder. She almost couldn't believe how relaxed her firebender trainer was under all of this, but then she remembered that it was Daiyin and that nothing really seems to faze her. Some days the Avatar hoped to have that same lack of interest to everything around her. Especially if it meant not having nightmares anymore..

But then, without her emotions on display as she always did she wouldn't be who she was.

Korra was maneuvering around and trying to focus on airbending with Daiyin sitting a few metres away and meditating when she heard the voice over the radio. "Good evening, my fellow Equalists-" The Avatar freezes in her spot, terrified of the voice that haunts her dreams. Even Daiyin peeps an eye open.

"-This is you leader, Amon. As you've heard, the Republic Council has voted to make me public enemy number one, proving once again that the bending opressers of this city'll stop at nothing to quash our revolution. But we can not be stopped. Our numbers grow stronger by the day. You no longer have to live in fear. The time has come for benders to experience fear."

But then, the radio caught on fire. Korra's head snaps towards the woman sitting on her left. Her finger was still smoking from the elektricity she shot at the device. She blows it away and resumes to her meditation position. "Stupid things anyway, and the music can never be as good as live," she says as she tries to change the subject for Korra's sake. The Avatar shouldn't fear for Amon. Amon should fear for Amon when they were done with him.

And Daiyin loves to take down a bad guy.

Dinnertime  arrived at Airtemple Island and Tenzin's family, Korra and Daiyin sit around the table and listen to the airbender's prayers silently when a voice interrupts him. It was Tarrlok, a councilman from the Northern Water Tribe. Tenzin was about to throw him out of his house, especially after their argument at the council that same day, when Tarrlok reminds him of his culture's hospitality.

Seeing no other choice, Tenzin stays silent and sits back in his seat. Tarrlok was looking around for a suitable place to sit and squirms himself between the Avatar and the, unbeknown to him, Crown Princess of an entire Nation. They greet each other, though Tarrlok was not interested in the tight leather wearing girl.

When he sat down, Ikki starts to bombard him with questions as she usually does with guests. He ships her off and looks at Korra. Tarrlok was showering her with compliments on her part in the infiltration of Amon's rally. Tenzin asks him to get to the point of his flattery, which the man does quickly enough. He asks Korra to join his task force that would bring Amon to justice.

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