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This poetry is for that time when you know that your are doing wrong and you know the right direction but still you don't do the worthy things...

I hope you will find this relatable...

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I don't know what's wrong with me ,
I know the difference
Between pious and sin.
I know my duties , and my deeds,
And I am aware of my responsibilities
I know my strengths and my weaknesses,
Yet I don't know why
I don't fulfill the needs .

I know time is precious,
Wasting it can be vicious,
But still I do, what I shouldn't
I know that I have to reep, things I grow
Still I can't seem to sow,
The seeds of hardwork and dedication,
And kick away procrastination,
But I can't,
I am stuck in an chaotic situation.
Where there is no door out .
I can do nothing but shout,
At me, at people, at time and doubt ,
Is it the offense of time, or just my fault.
Was it the circumstances' account ,
Or is it just me being lout.

I don't know who to blame,
Whose mistake is this to claim.
Well, I think it is just me,
It seems like something is missing ,
I guess, it is the desire of winning .

I should stop for a moment of quizzing ,
And find the answers from within.
I have to leave everything,
To find the real me.

~~Tanisha Payal

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