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That time when you don't know,
Whether to keep holding or let go,
Whether to agree or say no,
Whether to talk or go with the flow.

When you wish he would text ,
When you are perplexed,
When you can't even object,
Ypu can't do anything but accept,
Maybe I was a fool to expect,
I thought he was perfect,
Maybe I'm unable to protect,
But it wasn't merely my project,
Maybe the fate was against,
And leaving was the best,

So a final goodbye then,
Maybe this is the end,
Maybe things will never be same again,
But I'll remember you when,
I'll hit my highs and my lows,
And get stuck in my chaos,
When I'll get enclosed,
Inside my own mind,
And will not find you behind,
Waiting to hold my hand.

~~by Tanisha Payal


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~~Tanisha payal

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